A life changing experience in the Caribbean

A life changing experience in the Caribbean

Meghan Sullivan
I’m about to head off to the Dominican Republic for a month. As a little background, I’ll be a senior in the fall, and am an elementary education major and Spanish minor. I have spent part of each of the last seven summers in the Dominican Republic on a mission trip with my church. We have helped to build churches, water treatment plants, and we’ve run medical clinics in materially-poor communities.

I’ve loved this work so much that when it came time to plan my teaching practicum, I decided to combine my major, my minor, and my love for the Dominican Republic into an internship. With the support of The Foundation for Peace, an organization dedicated to strengthening communities and helping people build a better life for themselves.

I will do a summer internship, teaching English in a church in a community outside Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. For one month, people in the community will be able to attend classes, free of charge, and learn some English basics. I have already been told that there will 80-100 people ages 8-adult in my classes, all of them eager to pick up skills that will improve their chances of finding employment.

To prepare for this adventure, back in January I sent two large boxes in a trailer of things being sent to the Dominican Republic. The boxes contained lots of basic teaching worksheets, and some general classroom supplies. I’m also doing some basic lesson plans, although I know they will need to be adapted to the classes, based on the age and ability of the students.

I leave for the Dominican Republic in two weeks and will spend a week there preparing and then four weeks teaching. I will be staying with a local family and living immersed in the community and all of its activities.

The Dominicans are some of the most caring people I have ever met, and I can’t wait to be able to help give them the start of an education we all take for granted. It will be a life changing experience for me as well, and I can’t wait to get started.