Taking in the Dominican culture bit by bit

Taking in the Dominican culture bit by bit

Meghan Sullivan
I have totally adjusted to life here in the Dominican Republic.

I wake up every morning and take a shower using cold water and a bucket, as there is no working shower here in the house where I’m staying. The cold water can be a little rough, but on a really hot day, it’s very refreshing.

The house I’m staying at the family is very well off for this area of the Dominican Republic, many of their neighbors do not have anything and are living in shacks with tin roofs, so when it rains many of the houses are flooded.

When the electricity goes out, they only have candles, but here where I am, they’re fortunate enough to have a generator and a gas stove so they can cook even when there is no power.

Something very exciting, I went on a motorcycle for the first time down here, like a true Dominican, something I would never be able to do in the U.S.

Typical meals here consist of rice and chicken, but they have been cooking some other more American food to make me feel more at home. After eating, I go straight to give classes.

After classes are over for the day I usually just am hanging out with the Dominicans, as I know almost the whole community from traveling here for the past eight years with my church.

They say by the time I leave I will be a Dominican, as I am now speaking their slang and doing things like a Dominican!

I do not really have the opportunity to go out to the city, as it is not the safest of areas. If I go anywhere, it is to go to the beach, to eat or to a mall with at least two other people. I do not feel in danger at all and am very comfortable in this area, with these people.

I am having the time of my life, and love this life, being it is so simple with no distractions.