Visiting … well, everywhere!

Visiting … well, everywhere!

Russia Study Abroad On our trip so far, we've experienced many exciting and interesting things!

Some of the most interesting and educational parts of our journey are the many excursions we have gone. We visited so many places and museums I cannot tell you of them all.

So, I will just talk about my two favorite.

The Kremlin

The Kremlin was so interesting! If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a large walled complex that contains many important historical and government buildings. It’s right in the center of Moscow and borders the famous Red Square.

When we visited the Kremlin, we had a very nice English-speaking guide named Rosa. She provided an excellent tour of the facility, especially of the three cathedrals!

I really enjoy learning about history, and this was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Russian history.

Also while we were visiting, the Kremlin had an exhibit of the well-known Faberge eggs. They were so lovely and intricate. It was hard to believe people could actually make something so beautiful!


Russia Study Abroad
This week we spent four days in the beautiful and historic St. Petersburg, and of course, while we were there we toured several historic museums and locations.

One of ours days we spent in Peterhof; a large summer palace complex built for the tsars located approximately 30 minutes away from St. Petersburg.

Peterhof had many gorgeous buildings, fountains, and gardens. It was also located right on the shore of the Finnish Gulf, which is part of the Baltic Sea.

I so enjoyed walking around the extensive grounds and sitting by the sea, feeling the cool breeze and relaxing! We also had the opportunity to tour the main palace which was so beautiful, in fact, quite overwhelming.

Russia has so much interesting history; I can hardly wait to keep learning about it!

    Sarah Geise, junior management and economics dual major