A beautiful life in China

A beautiful life in China

Dan Copes Today (June 7) is my fourth day in China ... I think!

The days are moving by so fast! This month is going to fly by, so I feel the need to (experience) as much as I possibly can. In the last few days we've had some truly amazing experiences.

I believe it was Sunday we met some of SDUT students and toured the campus with them. I'm amazed at the beauty, elegance and size of the campus. I can't help but compare life here to life at home in America.

Although Bloomsburg University has a beautiful campus it cannot be compared to the SDUT campus. First of all, it's probably three to four times the size of Bloomsburg, if not more. I believe I was told more than 30,000 students attend school here. There are tons of people out at all times, and it's wonderful to feel the energy of the place.

Speaking of energy, it seems the Chinese people have plenty to spare. They seem to all be extremely curious of us, and they have a desire to talk to us and learn about our ways. I think it's wonderful, and I welcome each person with a smile and open arms. I would like to meet as many people as I can while I'm here and build friendships.

Our guide is named Alex, or Yanlingpeng in Chinese. He is an amazing person and one of the nicest guys I've ever met. I could write a book of questions to ask him, and he seems to be extremely willing to provide me with all of the answers!

I have a lot of fun spending time with him and learning about his life. The Chinese way of life has many differences, as opposed to the American way of life. I had mentioned the food in my previous blog. These people are serious about their food! They eat and they eat well.

Also life seems to be a bit more simple here than in America. Alex was very excited to show me his dorm room, which I must admit was a shock to me. Not that it was completely terrible or anything. It was just very amazing they live so differently.

In a dorm room not much bigger than our two-person dorms at BU, they fit six people! They have a small balcony where they put their shoes and hang their clothes when they've been washed. There are no dryers here. They only hang clothes to dry them. When you walk around, you can see clothes hung everywhere.

Another shocking thing about Alex's dorm room was the bathroom. Each room is equipped with a bathroom but not in the American sense. They refer to it as the W.C., or water closet, and there is no actual toilet in the W.C. Only a small hole in the ground that you squat over if need be.

Also they don't have a shower. They fill up buckets in their small sink and scrub down standing there instead. It must be very difficult in the morning when they're getting ready for class. Having an apartment with only four people and two bathrooms I can't even imagine it.

As incredible as I found this; what was equally as incredible is this doesn't seem to be much of a problem for anyone. Granted, I'm sure most students don't know anything different than this. Everyone seems to be extremely happy here.

There are a lot of smiles and lot of laughter, and the people seem to truly enjoy life. I find it to be funny that in America we have so much, yet we still find reasons to be angry with our situation.

If people could see some of the things I've seen in the last few days, maybe they wouldn't take them for granted!

Until Next time!

    — Dan Copes, a junior health sciences major