Every tourist site possible!

Every tourist site possible!

China Study Abroad During our last two days in China, it seemed like everything possible was squeezed into our itinerary. We had been so excited for Beijing ever since we landed in China but everything went by so fast.

We went to the Summer Palace, The Great Wall of China, Tian An Men Square, The Forbidden Kingdom, the Temple of Heaven, the Pearl Market and Peking Opera!

I am happy that we were so blessed to see all of those things, but I know I would have appreciated it more if everything was split up over a few more days; and I really wish we could have had more time to explore Beijing on our own.

Every location we visited was beautiful and difficult to compare to anything I have seen in the U.S. Every location was also packed with tourists from everywhere on earth.

Tian An Men square and the forbidden Kingdom were by far the most crowded; several of my group members were bumped or shoved due to how crowded it was.

Fortunately, several of the sites were a little calmer and I was able to really appreciate the natural beauty and the architecture of the Temple of Heaven.

The section of the great Wall that we visited was not as popular as some other locations so as many tourists there did not bombard us either. I had not expected the Great Wall to be such a serious climb, it was actually worse than Tai Shan.

The steps were quite uneven, some were giant steps almost twice the size of an average step while others were only half the size. Despite how exhausting the Great Wall was, it was still so beautifully amazing.

The food in Beijing was delicious, yet it seemed kinda geared towards tourists as well. The things that I tasted seemed more familiar to my palette than some of my previous meals in China.

The most exotic food that we ate while in China was actually in Jinan, at a banquet hosted by our fellow Bloomsburg student Lin’s father. In Jinan we tasted donkey meat, camel foot and sea cucumber, but in Beijing the food was a bit duller.

I put all of my practice at Yi-Wu to work at the Pearl Market, where our professors told us that prices could be negotiated down to 10 percent of their original asking price.

I got off of our tour bus with a mission and I didn’t leave until I had gotten the gifts that I needed to buy for everyone back home. I wished that I had waited until the Pearl Market to buy anything because everything was so cheap.

    — Deanna Barnes, junior art history major