Tales of a magical land

Tales of a magical land

China Study Abroad After our first few days in China we still had not had the opportunity to explore the lovely city of Zibo on our own.

It was actually Morrey and Ariana who proved to be the most adventurous of the group and take a chance.

While everyone else was still pretty tired from jet lag, Morrey and Ariana somehow found the energy to find the closest shopping mall: Yi Wu.

When they returned from their quest they filled our ears with tales of a magical land, where they were able to negotiate prices by haggling.

Ariana had even seen an actual toilet!

Since the typical toilets that we are used to in America are quite rare in China, we were amazed by their account of this place and headed out to see it the next day.

We were joined by our new friend Ben and his roommate Daniel, who helped us to find our way around. We reached a traditional Chinese tea shop where we tasted aged teas and looked at beautiful tea sets.

I wanted to buy several things but Ben and Daniel advised me the products in the store were over priced.

We didn’t have that much time to but anything after our visit to the tea shop but we did look around at all of the clothing shops.

On each floor there were various shops that had the same or similar products which made it good for negotiating, because if one shop owner was not willing to give you the price you wanted, the one right next door might- or at least you could make the original shop owner believe that.

During our stay in Zibo, we went back to Yi-Wu several times with several new friends and we learned to perfect our negotiating skills.

    — Deanna Barnes, junior art history major