An educational, yet surprising, experience

An educational, yet surprising, experience

China Study Abroad During our first day of lectures we had heard about Zhoucun, a tourist site that was made to look like an ancient city.

So, I had been expecting to see the employees dressed in ancient costumes with wigs and fine silks.

I knew Zhoucun would be educational, but I was surprised at how fun it was as well. We entered the city on an early Sunday morning and had a chance to walk around with our tour guide for a few hours.

She allowed us to take our time as we looked in various shops and took lots of pictures. The fact the electricity wasn’t working in Zhoucun that day only added to any sense of authenticity they had.

There were so many little rooms and areas that reminded me of a fun house or a fair. There was a series of rooms where all of the furniture was either on the wall or on the ceiling.

I took pictures as everyone pretended to hang onto the ground.

I found myself distracted by all of the fun things around me that, at some moments, I did not even know where our tour guide was.

The city was really geared towards tourists so much that there were even mannequins in the old houses, but for me, this just made it seem really cheesy.

I did like that there were performers on several streets.

One group of men carried a litter for a traditional Chinese wedding as other men around them played traditional instruments.

The aspect that was most interesting to me was the artist that we saw actually hand painting fans and spending hours engraving porcelain plates.

    — Deanna Barnes, junior art history major