Winding down a tremendous experience

Winding down a tremendous experience

Jake MacLean Our class today (June 20) was a little different. We had our friend Ben join our discussion on Chinese legal structure, missions to space, and urbanization.

We were also joined by a few other Chinese and a teacher from New Zealand. It is interesting having the real Chinese perspective when discussing these topics.

Today was our last Monday class. Two weeks have gone by so fast, and I can’t believe it’s our last week in Shandong.

I’m very much looking forward to going to Beijing.

We are all starting to wind down from the trip and finish up our final presentations. All that’s left to do is clean our apartment, pack up our things, and jump on the train.

I feel torn about leaving. I know I’m ready to go home, but I also love it here. Leaving is definitely going to be hard, because we’ve made so many friends and spent so much time here.

But it’ll be good to be back home.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with my friends and family.

Getting a familiar taste

We all went out to a western-style restaurant tonight. The spread was pretty impressive and a lot of the food tasted American.

There were the usual choices between seafood, steak, chicken and pork, and lots of vegetables and desserts. Some of the food was a little oily, but it was interesting having American food in China.

Dinner turned out to be a really great time. We brought a lot of our Chinese friends with us and socialized and took pictures.

Nearly all of the restaurant was our group, so we had a lot of space. The staff was very friendly and didn’t mind the loudness. Some even tried speaking English with us.

Tomorrow is our last day of class, and also the day we present our finals. It’s strange to think how fast the time has gone because we’ve done so much and seen so many different things.

It’s nice to think that the trip isn’t over yet. This weekend will be the highlight of the trip, so I hope I get some great pictures of the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

    — Jake MacLean, a senior Spanish major and Chinese minor