Seeing my father's movies come alive

Seeing my father's movies come alive

Michelle Ni Today we went to explore Zhoucun Great Street aka the Old Street.

It was very interesting to see the street, because there was so much history. Walking down the street was almost like taking a walk back in time and seeing how different it would be.

The first thing I noticed were all the shops that were there. I think some of them have been little shops even back then, and it was neat to see all the little details that each one had inside.

I also noticed it reminded me of some of the movies my dad watches. Soon enough, our tour guide showed us pictures of the movies they did there.

In the shops they had little toys made of wood and some of them had silk outfits to wear. They had three different streets that it branched off to. I enjoyed going through all of them.

We ate free bags of sesame cookies after the owner of the store took some pictures of us eating them, and it was fun. There was also a man who just sat and he looked like an old fashioned statue sitting down, and then he surprised us by standing up and waving when the tour guide introduced him.

I’m really glad I was able to see this street and look more into the culture of China, as well as the history.

Odd view of archeology

Today we visited a middle school, followed by an archaeological site at Linzi.

When we went to the middle school, I was unsure as how to act. When we had visited the kindergarten, we were not allowed to interact with them much, yet on the SDUT campus we were allowed to talk to them and see if we had any similar interests.

As we walked to the first room they were playing an instrument. It was pretty much the equivalent of learning the recorder, and it was a simple little clay instrument where you would blow into it — and depending on what note you want you — would open or close the holes with your fingers.

When we went to the archaeological site, I didn’t imagine the big finally would be under a highway. We looked at horses and how they would help in battle. Then when we went downstairs, we saw the bones of the horses — all facing west.

I found it odd they were all faced the same way. They say that they never found the owner of these horses and all they knew was the man had to be wealthy for having so many horses.

    — Michelle Ni, an ACE student and senior at Berwick Area High School