Going out to eat, yet cooking your own meal

Going out to eat, yet cooking your own meal

Katie Haughey and Jake MacLean Today we visited Chinese families. Since it would have been crowded for all of us to go together to one person’s home, our group was separated into pairs.

Jake (MacLean) and I went with our friend Lyric to his home. It was a short distance from campus in a gated community. The area he lived was nice — there was a man-made river near his apartment with a nice sidewalk and bridges going over it every few hundred feet.

Inside Lyric’s apartment we met his mother and grandmother. They were extremely gracious and prepared dough and meat before we arrived. Together we made dumplings, which Lyric told us was custom when visitors come over.

After using all of the dough and meat, Lyric’s mother and grandmother boiled them for us. They were delicious; I wish I could learn how to make them when I return home.

After we ate, Lyric, Jake, and I met with Dan (Copes), Ariana (Winder), and their friend Norman at an amusement park. It was similar to Knoebel’s — you had to pay for each ride you went on.

We all tried one ride where there was a rubber tube you sat in as you went down a water slide. The man who controlled the ride placed the rubber tube at the top of the slide and then pushed us; it was a lot of fun.

Afterwards we decided to go to the zoo instead of go on rides. The zoo was pretty big and had many different animals. It was a little sad to see some of the animals; some of them appeared way too big to fit in the size cage they were in.

Overall, it was still fun. Norman brought some fruit with him, and we fed the monkeys and a bear.

Before we headed back to our dorms, Lyric and Norman took the four of us out to eat at a barbeque restaurant. It was unlike any restaurant I've ever been to.

On the table were two areas for hot coals with a wire rack placed above them. The food we ordered was given to us raw, and we were in charge of cooking the food for as long as we wanted and what spices we put on.

It was a great experience, and I hope someday I can find a restaurant similar to this place again in the future.

    — Katie Haughey, a junior psychology major