Hitting the books, then some hoops

Hitting the books, then some hoops

China Study Abroad Before our group met for the first day of class, Michelle (Ni) and I went to breakfast at the cafeteria. The cafeteria is much different than Bloomsburg University’s. They make many different types of food that you can choose from.

When you decide what you would like, you have to wait in a line and once you get to the window, you place a plastic card that has money on it into a machine that has a scale on top.

The cook behind the counter takes the food you choose and puts in on a place and weighs it, then presses a few buttons that deduct the amount of the food.

The classroom we had our first lecture in was nothing like the classrooms at BU, either. Our classroom was more like a conference room, with big, comfortable chairs and long wooden tables.

Then again, our “classroom” probably is their conference room; our host here is extremely gracious. Dr. (Jing) Luo gave our group and a few Chinese students a lecture on Chinese history from 1949 to the present.

Afterwards, Deanna (Barnes) presented the articles she had to reading from the textbook we received. They were very interesting; one article was trying to persuade American people to stop having bias thoughts about the Chinese and the other talked about China is very advanced.

In the afternoon, we got an introduction to Shandong University from a teacher who teaches here. She told us about the university, as well as the areas around it. When we were done with class, our student host, Alex, took some of our group to play basketball.

Basketball is very popular here. So far I have passed two areas that appear to have hundreds of basketball courts. It would not surprise me if I were to hear that there are more areas on campus.

    — Katie Haughey, a junior psychology major