Fun and games cap exciting first weekend

Fun and games cap exciting first weekend

Katie Haughey After the chaos that occurred with our international flight, we were given Saturday (June 4) night to rest and Sunday (June 5) we did some interesting things.

Our host in China, Dr. Yen, threw us two welcome banquets — one when we arrived at the university, and one for breakfast. We got to experience many different types of food, such as rice porridge and roasted duck. After our breakfast Sunday morning, several students gave us a tour around Shangdong University’s campus.

A few of them were in high school, but the ones who attended the university told us they majored in English. All of them spoke English very well, though, even the ones who were still in high school.

The campus here is incredibly beautiful. There are trees and different types of flowers planted everywhere you can see.

When we walked to the banquet hall, we walked next to a calm manmade lake with colorful fish swimming in it.

A stream runs around the campus, with many benches beside it for people to take a break and enjoy the scenery. The buildings here are much bigger than at Bloomsburg University. The library seems like it is four times the size of ours!

Unfortunately, we were unable to go inside of the library, because it was closed due to a festival that will be occurring on Monday June 6).

Later in the afternoon our group went to Remin Park, a park near the campus and has a place they call “English Speaking Corner.” When we walked through the park, we were welcomed by many locals who were excited to speak with us.

Two people from our group, Dan (Copes) and Sarah (Halter), played guitars our host managed to find and sing songs to entertain people in the park. We taught them two American games, duck-duck-goose and Red Light/Green Light.

Not too many of them participated, but they all watched.

    — Katie Haughey, a junior psychology major