Experiencing China beyond our comfort zones

Experiencing China beyond our comfort zones

Morris Longo I’ve been excited for the first day of classes to begin and experience how our study abroad classroom experience would be.

Yesterday (June 6) we had a brief lecture by Dr. (Jing) Luo introducing us to some interesting background knowledge of the Asian people’s origins and how China developed over time.

I think one of the most interesting parts of the week now is when we present our articles and the lively discussions we have about them with one another. After morning class, we go to the cantina for lunch where they have everything from fresh fruit to beer.

The university has been nice enough to give us pre-loaded cards to pay for our food that has all been very delicious.

Later after lunch, we had a lecture from a local professor on the surrounding area’s ancient roots.

It was very interesting to find out just how many archeological sites have been discovered in Zibo and the places we will be visiting on our trip.

After the lecture Dr. (Jim) Pomfret told Ariana (Winder) and I about a local shopping center not far from the campus called Ewu, so we searched for it.

After making a few choice turns and eventually grabbing a cab, we discovered a huge four-story shopping complex filled with great deals on just about anything you could imagine.

The best part about the experience was for the first time there wasn’t a Chinese speaker with us.

So we tried our best to bargain our way down on the merchandise ending in success for all parties involved considering I got an expensive knife, which would’ve cost around $50 in the states for only about $3 and the salespeople seemed overjoyed with the sale themselves.

In all, I would say the best part of this trip will most likely be when we all get a chance to get out of our comfort zones and experience China for ourselves sans Chinese aids.

    — Morris Longo, a sophomore business management major