2011 PASSHE Undergraduate Anthropology Research Conference

2011 PASSHE Undergraduate Anthropology Research Conference

Anthropology Research Conference
BU was host to the 25th annual PASSHE Undergraduate Anthropology Research in April, featuring students from five state system schools presenting original research and special projects mentored by anthropology faculty.

Faculty and student conference organizers included DeeAnne Wymer, Faith Warner, Hager El Hadidi, Mike Grevera, Chelsea Myers, Melanie Yodock, Katelyn McMichael, and students volunteers from the Anthropology Club and Lambda Alpha National Collegiate Honors Society in Anthropology, Zeta Chapter of Pennsylvania.

The conference, supported by College of Liberal Arts and Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, featured the following BU students who presented research papers, posters or special projects.

Research Papers

  • Mike Grevera — Understanding the Effects of 9/11 in a University Student Population: The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Young Adults
  • Rachel Awan — Family Involvement and Practicality in Language Revitalization
  • Luis Medina — Puerto Rican Identity in Pennsylvania and the Immigration Debate
  • Melanie Yodock — Archaeology’s Portrayal in the Media
  • Shannon Bilder — Globalization of Adolescence: Modern World Vs. Traditional World of Taiwanese Adolescents
  • Chelsea Myers — College Student Attitudes towards Human Encroachment, Wildlife Habitats, and Wildlife Protection Agencies: The Ranger Smith, Yogi Bear, and Boo Boo Conflict in Pennsylvania
  • Aileen Elliot — Genesis of an Artifact Layer at the La Playa Archaeological Site (son f:10:3), Sonora, Mexico
  • Karissa Monica, Joshua Stoner and Beth Boston — A Tale of Three Houses: Use of Hopewell Space at the Lady’s Run Site
  • Krystal Swedo — Aging and Healthcare
  • Shaina Rae — Reclaiming St. Bernard of Clairvaux: Additional Analysis of a Bective Abbey Relief
  • Gabrielle Vielhauer, Leona Roselli, Kieren Hooper, Joseph Centrelli and Emily Barnhart — Fast Food vs. Food Taboos: The Relationship between Islamic Food Taboos and American Culture

Research Posters

Anthropology Research Conference

  • Kristin Kelly — Longitudinal Research on the Impoverishment of Women in the United States: A Weakening Hegemony? (co-authored with Faith Warner, Ph.D., poster presented at the 2010 American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings)
  • Amanda Adler — The Child in Romania
  • Jonathan Palumbo — The Alaskan Inuit – How Children are Raised
  • Ashlea Zantene — Prostitution: The United States and Japan in the 20th Century
  • Nicholas Telepak — Ancient Rome and Modern America: An Examination of Love
  • Katie Klucharich — Monogamy to Serial Monogamy in the US. Comparing 1950 to 2000
  • Kyle Ross — A Comparative Analysis of Victorian Prostitution in England and the United States: Explanations Cultural Views, and Social Influence

Arab and Islamic Culture in Our Backyard: Immersed in Little Ramallah (South Paterson, N.J.)

Chair and Facilitator: Hager El Hadidi, Ph.D.

Participants: Vivica Pinkney and Briann Wolfe (on Islamic Fashion)Jenn D’Amico, Patrick Beck and Tyler Rubert (on Hookah Culture), Kevin Ward and Shelley Fought (on Food in Al-Basha Restaurant, Shawn McCloskey and Liana Albitz (on ME hair Cut), Alexa Rose and Ashela Zantene (on Layalina Hookah Bar), Beverely Hendricks and Hager El Hadidi (on Arabic Market Place), Stephanie A Synoski and Ben Mickel (on Arabic Dancing Debki ), Audrey Traher and Hager El Hadidi (on Little Ramallah)

Deconstructing the 21st Century Anthropological Canon: The Emergent Theory Project

Session Chair: Brittany Vaszlavik

Participants: Amanda Adler, Krystal Swedo, Mike Grevera, Michele DeLuca, Joshua Stoner, Melanie Yodock, Brittany Vaszlaik, Kristin Kelly, Eva Yuen, Patrick Kaiser, Jeff Nuhfer, Tracy Byrne, Victoria Schlieder, Rachel Awan, Dakota Murrell, Christian Rota, Ian Gebhard, Alexa Rose, Meredith Womer