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Students take on Primary Election

A steady flow of college students stood in line at Bloomsburg University Tuesday afternoon, preparing to cast their vote.

I'sha Schultz, one of the student volunteers, says it's surprising to see the turnout on campus for the primary election. "I've never seen this many students come out for an election, so it's really exciting but really hectic at the same time," Schultz said.

This was Nicole Parry's first time voting. She says it has been a challenge figuring out who's the best person to vote into office. "It's, like, difficult because you see some things you like better with one candidate than you do with the others. Then there's other candidates you like more for other reasons," Parry said.

A lot of college students on campus are voting for the first time. Many of them feel that their voice really matters in this primary election. Alexis Mendoza has spent the last few months helping with the Bernie Sanders campaign. Republican or Democrat, she says it's important all of her peers get out to vote. "A lot of millennials need to vote. The youth have always been on the right side of history ever since the Civil Rights and the Vietnam War. Our vote counts. I'm very passionate about that. That's why I'm voting," Mendoza said.

Alison Craig said she has been following the debates closely to help choose who to vote for. "My vote really matters. I voted for Bernie just because I like what he has to say about women and education. As an education major, everything he says correlates with what I believe in as a person," Craig said. Over 2,300 people are registered to vote at the polling location on campus.

News Releases

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