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Youth inspired exhibit on display: Works by Chad Andrews, instructor of printmaking and two-dimensional design at BU, will be featured from June 12 to Aug. 28 in Haas Gallery of Art.

Trustees focus on facilities: Campus facilities were the main focus of the June 11 quarterly meeting of BU’s Council of Trustees.

MAL Students

MAL students visit Lebanon, Saudi Arabia

Read about two students from Bloomsburg University who parlayed their experiences in the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations’ Model Arab League Student Leadership Development Program into Council study abroad visits to Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Economic impact at trapshoot

Welcoming literally thousands of people to the region from as far away as Great Britain, the annual state trapshoot at the Valley Gun & Country Club definitely has an economic impact on the local region.

We’ll soon have a better idea of just how big a boost it provides to the Valley thanks to an economic impact study provided by Bloomsburg University in cooperation with the state shoot and the Columbia Montour Visitors Bureau.

“The visitors bureau and the leadership of the shoot wanted to know the general satisfaction of the shoot and the spending patterns of those who participate,” said Heather S. Feldhaus, associate professor of sociology at Bloomsburg University. “We will have Bloomsburg University students at the shoot all day Friday asking questions and gathering information.”

Professor discusses alleged Craiglist Killer

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania's Criminal Justice Undergraduate Program

Media reports say not everyone believes the so called "Craigslist Killer" is telling the truth. We went to talk with Bloomsburg University criminal justice professor Bob Moschgat, who is right now teaching a course on cults.

"I would really caution the media not sensationalize current situation," Moschgat said. "At this point in time, I honestly believe you have a young woman who is in a lot of trouble possibly facing the death penalty who needs to rationalize her behavior why she did it. The professor says there's also a key part of her story that doesn't actually fit with the church of Satan's teachings. You have young woman saying that they were punishing bad people who did something wrong. historically, within satanic cults human sacrifice was sacrificing a pure person."

Professor impacted by Ukrainian tensions

As tensions escalate in Ukraine, a Bloomsburg University professor says he is constantly following the news. Mykola Polyuha is assistant professor of Russian and German. He was born in Ukraine when it was still part of the Soviet Union and lived there until the year 2000.

He says the news is personal, “A few days ago when there were shootings, I was very worried about my friends and my colleagues,” Polyuka said. “In fact, one of my acquaintances was killed in one of the streets in Kiev… I couldn’t believe it. That person was very young, just 28-years-old, and just started working at a university… It is just unbelievable.”

History professor appears on TLC show


Jeanette Keith, professor of history, appeared on the Sept. 10 episode of TLC’s “Who Do You Think You Are” featuring Emmy-winning actor Jim Parsons of TV’s “The Big Bang Theory.” The documentary-style series pairs celebrities with history experts to discover their ancestral roots. Keith helped Parsons research details of his ancestors in Louisiana, identifying a forefather as a doctor who treated victims of Yellow Fever.