International Education Services - Tuition and Fees

International Education Services - Tuition and Fees

Breakdown of Costs

Visit the Tuition and Fees pages of the University website for current up-to-date fee information. 

In computing your expenses, you should keep in mind that students holding Student (F-1) or Exchange (J-1) visas should not look for employment as a means of support while at BU.

Under no circumstances are students permitted to work full-time during the academic year.

Full time degree seeking students can work part-time on campus, no more than 20(twenty) hours a week if they register for both semesters (Fall & Spring or Spring & Summer or Summer & Fall). If you are an
applicant and plan to bring a spouse and children, a proportinately larger amount must be certified on the basis of at least an additional $6,000 per academic year for your spouse and $3,500 for each child. Your spouse may apply for working permission only if you hold a J-1 Exchange Visitor visa. Spouses of F-1 student visa holders are not permitted to work under any circumstances.

Financial Forms