Unleash your Inner Husky

Unleash your Inner Husky

We are Huskies. We believe in working hard to make our dreams become a reality. At Bloomsburg University, being a Husky is about striving to be the best ... in the classroom, in your community and in your career. And each experience contributes to our learning and community involvement. With more than 50 undergraduate degrees, BU is putting success within the reach of more than 10,000 students.

A digital approach to language learning

Andrew Rector

Bloomsburg University is a place in which students gain much more than knowledge applicable to their future goals; they are also are provided with opportunities to apply that knowledge to real-world scenarios.

One student, Andy Rector, a digital forensics major and Chinese minor from Mifflinburg, has used the opportunities that BU has presented him with to gain new and exciting experiences on and off campus. Although minoring in Chinese was not a path that Rector had foreseen, he quickly discovered the benefits of writing and reading this particular language.

“China turns out to be one of our biggest competitors in the cyber world,” Rector says. “Knowing something about Chinese and being able to read and write (Chinese), in my mind, is a great way to interview for a job. It’s certainly a point of interest.” #HuskyUnleashed

Seizing the opportunity

Courtney Dunn

There’s a special dynamic to Bloomsburg University enabling it to cater to just about any student. It’s a comfortable, slow-paced community for some, while a bustling, city-like atmosphere for others.

And for Courtney Dunn, a junior English major from Mifflintown, she represents the perfect fit — a small town girl fully enjoying BU’s world of opportunities.

“I quickly fell in love with this place,” Dunn says. “Coming from a rural town, I didn’t want to go to a really big campus. This was nice and humble. I felt right at home.”

Since her freshman year, Dunn has taken advantage of the vibrant student life on campus and the numerous academic opportunities. To her, each semester unveils a new scroll of adventures. #HuskyUnleashed