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Wellness Committee

Wellness Committee

Mission: The Bloomsburg Wellness Committee promotes optimal health and well-being through education and programs supporting healthy lifestyle choices.

* Annual Health Screening Day
* Health Science Symposium participant
* Classical Yoga & The Way To Well Being
* Drop 10 in 10 Program
* Frisbee Day
* Lunch & Learn Programs on various topics.

Chronicle: The Bloomsburg Wellness Committee exists partially due to the need for wellness initiatives required by Highmark’s Healthy U program in order for the employee to experience cost savings.

The Wellness Committee was also generated to raise awareness and promote healthier lifestyles and practices for the faculty, administration, and staff of the Bloomsburg University community.

The functions and activities are in part funded by the PA Faculty Health and Welfare Wellness Grant.

The Committee is comprised of all walks of BU which includes members of the staff, managers, nurses, faculty, coaches, and the executive panel.