Student Health Center Medical Services

Student Health Center Medical Services

The SHC is staffed by registered nurses, nurse practitioners and a part-time physician who treat students by appointment only. Unlimited visits at no additional charge upon payment of SHC fee each semester.

» Depo-Provera injections are given with these Guidelines. MUST CALL for an appointment — 570-389-4451

» Dietician Services are available by contacting the SHC at 570-389-4451

Additional Services Available for a fee

» Emergency contraception
» Immunizations
» Medications — limited supply of pre-packaged, pre-labeled, prescription medications
» Mono testing
» Pregnancy testing
» Rapid Strep A testing
» Well Physicals

Payment expected at time of service.

Allergy Shots

The Student Health Center does not administer allergy shots. Allergy shots may be scheduled at two area physician practices. Please have your medical insurance information available when making your appointment.

Dr. Robert Meloy

447 Geisinger E. First St., Bloomsburg, PA 17815
570-784-5150 | FAX: 570-784-3635
Melissa Gum, office manager:

Allergy Injections

Appointments available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Wednesday AM appointments only. Call the office to schedule an appointment — NO WALK INS!

On the first visit, students are required to take their:

  • Orders from the allergist
  • The vials and explanation of the vial contents — allergy testing records would be helpful.
  • Your allergy injection record
  • Your home offices policy and procedures regarding your allergy injection
  • Name, address and phone number of allergist
  • A reliable phone number for the student

Dr. Meloy will review the allergy orders and determine if all information is present so that the allergy injection may be given. Dr. Meloy reserves the right to deny giving the injection if all information is not present or if other circumstances arise which would indicate that the student should not receive the allergy injection.

Students are required to stay 20 minutes following their injections.

Students are expected to store their allergy vials appropriately and to transport them in a cool container.

Dr. Franklyn Gergits

Northeast Ear, Nose & Throat Associates, Inc. Allergy Department
6850 Lows Road, Bloomsburg
570-387-4368 |

Office Hours:
Monday 11-11:45 am and 1-5 pm; Tuesday 1-4:30 pm; Weds 1-5 pm;
Thursday 9-11:30 am and 1-4:30 pm; Friday 8:45-11:30 am

Allergy Immunotherapy Patients — Incoming with Vials from Outside Sources

It is the policy of this office to allow administration of allergy injections to patients from allergy testing done elsewhere and serum made elsewhere only if the following procedures have been followed:

  • Patients must call and make an appt. with our office. It is advised to call a few months prior to transferring vials to our office so an appt. can be made/kept to ensure your allergy immunotherapy will not be interrupted by having to wait for an appt with our office.
  • You are responsible for keeping your vials refrigerated until they arrive at our office. When you come to your appt. you must bring copies of your allergy testing records, your vials, and all shot records with you. During your appt. our physician will review your case and your allergy records and will give approval for your allergy injections to be given at our location.
  • The allergy department will assume responsibility and refrigerate your vials, review your shot administration record and your home allergy office’s policies and procedures for administration of your allergy injections. We will set up a time for you to come in for your allergy injections and we will contact your home office if we have any questions prior to your injection appt.
  • We do not allow an appt. with our physician and allergy injections to be given the same day due to office policy.
  • All patients receiving injections must remain in our office for 20 minutes following the injections. Our nursing staff needs to check your injection site and evaluate your condition before you leave our office.
  • Appointments for all allergy injections must be made with our allergy technician. We only have certain hours and days that we give injections. You will be given a copy of these hours along with our phone number, so you can call if you need to reschedule your allergy injection time. Patients are required to schedule an appt. for injections for safety reasons, and in case we need to contact you to reschedule your injections should our physician have an emergency and need to leave our office.
  • A Physician or PA-C must be present in our office in order for allergy injections to be administered by our allergy staff. As stated, we will contact you in the event we have to change your allergy injection appt. You must provide us with the best phone number to reach you.
  • We realize some students may need transportation to and from our office. We will do our best to put you in contact with other students that have transportation so you may carpool with them. Other than that, we recommend you utilize public transportation.
  • These policies have been instated for your safety. Allergy injections will not be given if protocols are not followed.

Medical Equipment for Loan

  • Ankle Supports
  • Crutches
  • Slings

To avoid a fee — must return equipment

“Need a wheelchair?”

Bloomsburg Medical Supply 570-387-2300
Columbia Ancillary Services 570-784-5300
Medicine Shoppe 570-784-9582