Faculty Instruction

Faculty Instruction

Faculty Instruction Academic regalia are not provided by the university but can be rented at the University Store. Regalia can also be purchased through the University Store.

About a month before the ceremony, the Graduation Office sends an Intent to Participate in Commencement card to all faculty and requests that the response card is returned in order to provide proper seating for the faculty on stage.

The reserved parking area for faculty will be in the Sutliff lot.

Faculty, please plan to arrive in the upstairs lobby of Haas to robe in your regalia no later than one-half hour before the ceremony. There will be refreshments available prior to the morning ceremony.

15 minutes before the start of the ceremony, a university marshal will lead the faculty in a double line. Walk down the center aisle in a double line. At the front of the stage, split in two lines, and walk up the front side entrance to the stage. Once on stage, please remain standing while graduates are entering and until the moment of silent reflection (men should remove their caps prior to the singing of the National Anthem). The president will request that you take your seats at the appropriate time. The ceremony will then progress and is expected to last approximately 1 1/2 hours.