Day of Graduation

Day of Graduation

Winter Commencement

Graduation Live Stream

Graduation Webstream

You can select the buttons at any time to launch the player. The video feed will go live 15 minutes before the ceremony begins. Within an hour after the conclusion of each ceremony, it will become available for on demand playback via the same button.

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Parking will be available throughout campus; earlier guests will be directed to park on lower campus. Limited reserved parking will be available for persons with disabilities. Please request assistance from the police officers covering the event to be directed to this area. Campus buses will run throughout the day to take guests to Haas Center for the Arts and return. Buses will be running from the Bloomsburg Hospital lot and also a shuttle from Honeysuckle, which will run the same route it does during the week. A handicapped shuttle bus will also be running.

Guests with Disabilities

Guests with disabilities can park in limited reserved parking areas behind Bakeless Center and McCormick Center. Please ask the university police for assistance to be directed to this parking. Wheelchair seating will be available with one additional attendee in the handicapped areas in Mitrani, which are located on the ends of the aisles, halfway down in the lower seating section. Ushers will be available to escort guests to the special seating. Please arrive early to secure seating in these areas and, if needed, ask the officers or staff covering the event for assistance. Interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing will be signing both ceremonies.

General Schedule

10:00 a.m. Fall Ceremony
Colleges of Education and Liberal Arts

9:00 Haas Center for the Arts will open for general seating
9:00 Graduates are expected to arrive to Haas Center for the Arts
9:30 Graduates begin to line-up in Haas 116 or 166
9:45 ALL seats available for guests (any seats being saved at this time must be relinquished)
10:00 Platform party, faculty, graduates process
10:15* Late seating for graduates and guests
12:00 Approximate end of ceremony

2:30 p.m. Fall Ceremony
Colleges of Business and Science & Technology

1:30 Haas Center for the Arts will open for general seating
1:30 Graduates are expected to arrive to Haas Center for the Arts
2:00 Graduates begin to line-up in Haas 116 or 166
2:15 ALL seats available for guests (any seats being saved at this time must be relinquished)
2:30 Platform party, faculty, graduates process
2:45* Late seating for graduates and guests
4:30 Approximate end of ceremony

*Late arrivals, both graduates and guests, will be allowed to enter Haas Center for the Arts at this time. Guests please allow sufficient time to park on upper-and lower-campus and find seating. Graduates must allow time for parking and to assemble to process.

Student Instructions for the Ceremony

  • Although there is not a commencement dress code policy, it is suggested that men wear shirts with ties and dress pants and women wear dress clothes.
  • Each graduate must be attired in a black academic robe and matching cap with tassel (except those who choose to wear their military uniform). The robe should be pressed. Graduates may either wear their robe and cap with tassel, or robe upon arrival. It is inappropriate to attach flowers, signs, or messages on the cap or gown. The cap should be worn flat on the top of the head. The tassel should hang on the right side of the cap at the start of the program. Graduates who have received an honor cord/s should drape the cord/s around the neck and down the front of the gown.
  • Graduates, be sure to bring the color-coded name card. If the name card is forgotten, one can be made at the Graduation Information table, located in the lobby of Haas Center for the Arts. Please write your name phonetically on the card if it is hard to pronounce.
  • If there is another student you would like to sit next to during the ceremony, that person should be behind you in line, not next to you. Approximately 15 minutes before the ceremony is to begin, a university marshal will announce that the colleges will be processing and lead the graduates in a double line into Mitrani Hall.
  • At the appropriate time in the ceremony, graduates will be directed by a university marshal where to stand and where to walk to the stage to receive the diploma cover (The actual diploma will be mailed after degrees are granted). When graduates proceed to the stage, the color-coded index card is handed to a faculty reader who will announce the name and honor distinction of the graduate if appropriate. Graduates will cross the stage, and receive congratulations from the college dean, the university president, and finally the Board of Trustees designee who will present the diploma cover. A photo will be taken behind the stage before graduates receive the diploma cover. After exiting the stage, proceed back to the graduate seating area.
  • Members of the graduating class and audience who leave during the ceremony distract not only from other audience members but also the people on the stage and are discourteous to those participants who have not yet crossed the stage. The audience is expected to remain in place until the platform party and faculty leave the stage at the conclusion of the ceremony.
  • There will be university marshals and commencement staff available who will be directing students and assisting throughout the exercises. If a problem arises, speak with a marshal, commencement staff member, or university police for assistance.