Information for Graduate Students

Information for Graduate Students

Graduate Scheduling

Graduate courses must be scheduled with the approval of your advisor. (The Dean of Graduate Studies serves as the advisor for non-degree students). You can schedule courses by emailing your advisor.

Drop/Add/Withdraw from Courses

It is assumed that if you enroll for a graduate course, you are planning to attend that course. If it is your intention to drop/add/withdraw from a course, you must fill out the appropriate form (available in our office, the Office of the Registrar, or on the Graduate Studies and Office of the Registrar websites). The form must have your advisor's signature. (Remember that the Dean of Graduate Studies serves as the advisor for Non-Degree students.)

Deadlines are listed online - failure to follow the proper procedures will result in you being billed for the course. In addition to submitting the form with appropriate signatures by the appropriate deadline to the Registrar's Office, you must request a refund of fees (if applicable), in writing, to the Business Office.

Grades and Transcripts

Grades are posted in ISIS (Integrated Student Information System). You can get more information about transcripts by calling the Transcript Info Line -570-389-5252. To receive an official transcript, you can request one through the Registrar website or with a written request to the Registrar's Office, which includes your name, SSN, signature, and exact address of where you want your official transcript sent. There is no charge for this service.

Non-Degree Status

Students may take up to twelve credits in non-degree status. They must then either be accepted into a program OR submit verification in writing to our office that they do not intend to pursue a degree through Bloomsburg University. No more than twelve credits taken in non-degree status will apply to a degree program. You are not eligible for financial aid or a graduate assistantship as a non-degree student.

Act 48 credits

This category can be used for teachers seeking to fulfill the Act 48 requirement. You must apply as a non-degree graduate student. In order to submit Act 48 credits to PDE, you must complete the Request for Act 48 Teacher Certification Credit Report.

Transfer of Credits

...from another university. Up to nine semester hours of graduate work (B or better) may be transferred from another institution. Requests for transfer should be made before taking the course. (We strongly recommend that you obtain approval before you take a course you intend to transfer into your program). A special form, which outlines certain rules that apply to transfer credits, is available. Official transcripts are required and should be mailed directly to our office.

...from another program. No more than 12 credits may be applied to a second program. Approval from your advisor and graduate dean are necessary. If you are applying to a second master's, transferred credits must not reduce the number of credits earned below 24.

A student may not be admitted to two programs simultaneously.

Application for Graduation

Students who plan to complete their degree programs must apply for graduation either through your department, the Graduate Office, or the Registrar's Office. Check application deadline dates online. Applications are usually due about three months before graduation.

Remaining Active

If you do not enroll in graduate courses for more than a two year period, you are considered inactive and must submit a new application and application fee.

Degree Completion Time-Line

Each student is expected to complete the requirements for their master's degree within six calendar years. This includes courses accepted in transfer (see section on transfer credits).

Email Address

Within two weeks of scheduling courses, you will be assigned an email address which consists of your first initial, middle initial, and the first six characters of your last name. If you cannot access your email account two weeks after scheduling, contact the Help Desk at 570-389-HELP (4357).

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships (which include a stipend and partial tuition waiver) are available to full time regularly admitted graduate students. Learn more ...

Library Services

A current student ID card must be presented at the library's circulation desk in order for students to properly check out library materials. Off campus students may complete a Library Access Card available in the Graduate Office or the instructor to access on line resources.

Student Health Center

Students taking 9 or more graduate credits in one semester must complete the health history and physical examination record which includes health history information, a physical exam by your doctor, personal information, health insurance information and immunization dates. Forms are available in the Student Health Center, 342 Kehr Union, or by calling 389-4451. Failure to do this will result in a hold being placed on your records.

Student ID Cards

All on-campus graduate students are required to possess a current university identification card. In addition to serving as a library card, it is used for general identification throughout the campus, which includes extracurricular events covered by the community activities fee and the dining hall. This card may be obtained from the Office of Student Standards, Elwell Hall, phone number 570-389-5410.

Vehicle Registration

It is the student's responsibility to register any vehicle driven onto the Bloomsburg University campus and parked during daytime hours. After 5 pm, parking permits are not required. Vehicle registration info.


Students enrolled in a graduate program are eligible to live on campus based on availability. Information on off-campus housing is also available. Please contact Residence Life at 570-389-4088 for more information.

Address/Name Changes

You must update your address or name with the Biographical Data Change Form available in our office, the Registrar's Office, or the Registrar's Office web page. You can also make the request in writing. A copy of your marriage certificate or court document is required for name changes.

Teacher Recertification

Educators who received Instructional I certification after September 22, 2007 must complete at least six post-baccalaureate credits of collegiate study in the area of Inclusive Classrooms and/or Standards Aligned Systems (SAS) prior to applying for Instructional II licensure conversion. The Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality at the Pennsylvania Department of Education will review Level II applications and transcripts for evidence that acceptable coursework has been completed. Graduate courses that address the targeted competencies at Bloomsburg University can be found on the Teacher Recertification information sheet.