Study Abroad Programs

Global Education Programs

Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad offers students formidable career-enhancing experiences and new perspectives vital to personal growth. Rapid globalization in economics, arts and culture, science, and education means that students with significant immersion abroad will get better jobs and have richer lives—which is a statistical fact. When students study abroad, they also contribute in the end to greater intercultural relations and improved ecological sustainability, because as a group they have a refined grasp of how humans relate to each other and to the natural environment.

Why Abroad?

BU's global education offers students an unique perspective in how contemporary people live and interact in an increasingly globalized world through a variety of programs, which include exchange programs and faculty-led study abroad programs.

Global Study-Abroad Programs

Global study-abroad programs are usually for one to two semesters. Check out our current BU Global study-abroad programs.

Third-party providers are organizations, companies or universities that establish and coordinate study abroad. The Office of Global Education can advise BU students on selecting a study-abroad opportunity from a third-party provider. Students applying through a third-party provider must also complete and submit the BU application forms.

Short Term Study Abroad

BU offers short-term faculty-led summer and winter study abroad programs where you can take your BU experience global by living the arts, immersing in the culture and studying the language, history and traditions of some of the most desired destinations in the world.

PASSHE International Initiative

BU is partnered with 13 other schools that offer a variety of global education initiatives to students.

Questions or Concerns?

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