Why Abroad?

BU's global education offers students an unique perspective in how contemporary people live and interact in an increasingly globalized world through a variety of programs, which include exchange programs and faculty-led study abroad programs.


The current application is no longer being used for study abroad programs starting after Spring Semester 2015

Starting January 30, 2015 a new on-line management system for study abroad will be available. Students applying to study abroad for summer 2015, fall 2015 and thereafter will use the new system.


These dates are approximate application deadlines. Make certain to verify due dates for Bloomsburg University’s forms and for the applications at the host institution or for the third-party provider.

  • Academic Year, Fall Semester, Summer: March 15
  • Spring Semester and Winter: October 15

Before You Apply:

  • Research your program thoroughly and discuss your options with the Office of Global Education
  • Meet with your academic advisor(s) and make certain that the study abroad period will fit smoothly with your curriculum

Application Instructions:

  1. Complete the general Bloomsburg University Application to Study Abroad. Follow the instructions on the application carefully
  2. Verify your eligibility to study abroad
  3. Complete all forms by typing directly into each form. Handwritten application packets will not be accepted
  4. Use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to access application documents. Other browsers are less compatible with PDF files
  5. Use Adobe Acrobat for your forms. Other programs will not properly record the information
  6. Save the blank forms to disk first, then type directly into your application documents
  7. Save completed forms. Print forms that require signatures. Sign the forms and obtain required signatures
  8. Compile the other required documents
  9. Submit the packet to the Office of Global Education