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Global and Multicultural Education

Photo Contest Winners!

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Director of Global Education   Luke Springman, Ph.D. | 570-389-4251 Secretary  
  Katia Camacho-Wisner | 570-389-4973

Office of Global Education 234 Student Services Center 570-389-4973 Fax: 570-389-4830

Global education is central to the mission of Bloomsburg University, which states that the university “prepares students for personal and professional success in an increasingly complex global environment.”

     Multicultural and global competencies, including foreign language acquisition, have gained enormous value in an increasingly interconnected world. Study abroad fosters the development of culturally perceptive citizens who engage effectively with local and global communities.
     The goal of the Office of Global and Multicultural Education is to help all students take advantage of the opportunity to live and learn in a new and different cultural context with a commitment to safety and affordability.


Scholarships!: The deadline for THE PSECU International Education and the Chancellor Emeritus Scholarships which support PASSHE students who plan to study abroad during the 2014-2015 academic year is May 16th. They have received a small number of applications thus far. Students who meet the eligibility requirements are encouraged to submit a complete application. Contact by email Luke Springman, Director of Global Education for further information.

International Peer Mentor Program

The Office of Global Education is seeking volunteers to be International Peer Mentors for 2014-2015.
International Peer Mentors assist new international students at Bloomsburg University in making a smooth transition into university life. For more information, click here: International Peer Mentor Program

PHOTO CONTEST for Study Abroad

send us your best photos from your study-abroad experience and you can win a prize.

How to enter:

  • Submit by email your photos (maximum 2) to
  • Include in your email a statement that you allow the Office of Global Education at Bloomsburg
  • University to use the photo for promotion of study abroad.
  • Describe the context of the photo: where, when, and why it is interesting.

Winner will receive a prize of $40 and $20 reward for 2-6 place!


Scholarship Winner!

Allison R. Phillips (German and Communications Studies) won the $1000 study-abroad award from the College of Liberal Arts. She will be studying at the BU partner university HAAGA HELIA in Helsinki, Finland and after that at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität in Jena, Germany. Congratulations Allison!


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