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Morocco Summer Abroad

Global and Multicultural Education

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Global education is central to the mission of Bloomsburg University, which states the university “prepares students for personal and professional success in an increasingly complex global environment.”

Multicultural and global competencies, including foreign language acquisition, have gained enormous value in an increasingly interconnected world. Study abroad fosters the development of culturally perceptive citizens who engage effectively with local and global communities.

BU's Office of Global and Multicultural Education helps all students take advantage of the opportunity to live and explore a new and different culture in a safe and affordable manner.

Summer Abroad

Elizabeth Miller

A group of Bloomsburg University students are studying different levels of Arabic and its culture at the American Language Institute in Fez, Morocco, this summer. Among them is Elizabeth Miller, a history and Arabic major, who is continuing work on her research of Osama bin Laden’s Radicalization.

Miller presented this research — “Deciphering Osama bin Laden’s Radicalization based on United States Actions, Policies and Presence in Saudi Arabia 1990-2001” — this spring at the Consortium for Educational Resources on Islamic Studies Undergraduate Symposium. In addition, she received an URSCA grant to expand the research following her four-week Arabic study abroad program in Morocco.

Elizabeth’s Journey

Arrival — “The daughter we live with, Aya, took us around parts of the old medina at night and showed us how busy at night it really is, people are selling things and sitting at cafes and walking around. She knew so many people so we got to say hi to many, and we even snuck into a wedding.”

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