Dr. Lam D. Nguyen, Associate Professor of Management

Dr. Lam D. Nguyen, Associate Professor of Management

Lam D. Nguyen Department of Management and Marketing Sutliff 335 | 570-389-4386 | lnguyen@bloomu.edu

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Recent Scholarly Activities

August - Coauthored paper, "Would better earning, work environment, and promotion opportunities increase employee performance? An investigation in state and other sectors in Vietnam," has been accepted for publication in Public Organization Review published by Springer.

June - Two coauthored abstracts have been accepted for presentation at the 9th International Conference on Business and Management Research, October 24-25, 2014, Kyoto, Japan.

June - Coauthored paper, " Cross-culture management: An empirical examination on task and relationship orientations of Dutch and Omani working adults," has won Best Paper Award for a WBI Journal (World Journal of Management) at the 6th Annual American Business Research Conference, June 9-10, 2014, New York City, New York.

June - appointed the Book Review Editor for the International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets (IJBEM) for a 3-year term effective from July 1, 2014. A pillar of the Academy of Business and Emerging Markets and published by Inderscience Publishers, IJBEM is an inter-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal with its main objective of encouraging application of research methods to solve specific business-related problems in emerging markets. IJBEM publishes original articles – theoretical and empirical – in all areas of business – marketing, operations, human resources, and organizational behavior, among others. Special issues devoted to important topics in emerging markets will occasionally be published.

May - Coauthored paper, "A study of business ethics in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam," has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Asia Business Studies published by Emerald.


Representative Publications

  • Nguyen, P.D., Chuong, D.X., & Nguyen, L.D. (2014). Would better earning, work environment, and promotion opportunities increase employee performance? An investigation in state and other sectors in Vietnam.  Public Organization Review. Accepted for publication.
  • Nguyen, L.D., Mujtaba, B. G., & Cavico, F.J. (2014). A study of business ethics in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Journal of Asia Business Studies. Accepted for publication.

  • Tran, D.H.A., Tran, Q.H.M, Nguyen, L.D., & Favia, M. (2014). Factors influencing consumer’s trust in e-commerce: An empirical examination in Vietnam. International Journal of Business Research, 14(2), 41-52.

  • Nguyen, L.D., Ermasova, N., Geyfman, V., & Mujtaba, B.G. (2014). Leadership orientations of Russian working adults: Do age, gender, education, and government work experience make a difference? Public Organization Reviewdoi:10.1007/s11115-014-0279-6
  • Nguyen, L.D., Mujtaba, B.G., Tran, Q.H.M., & Tran, C.N. (2014). Do age and management experience make a difference in leadership orientations? An empirical study of Omani and Vietnamese working adults. Academy of Business Disciplines Journal, 6(1), 1-16.
  • Nguyen, L.D., Tran, Q.H.M., Mujtaba, B. G., & Tran, C.N. (2014). Students and business ethics: An examination of business students at a college in Florida. Review of Business Research, 14(1), 111-122.
  • Tran, J., Chan, P., & Nguyen, L.D. (2014). Mergers and acquisitions strategy: The role of corporate governance. European Journal of Management, 14(1), 145-151.
  • Liu, S., Chan, P., Nguyen, L.D., & Park, J.S. (2014). Strategies of Chinese Automakers. International Journal of Strategic Management, 14(1), 159-173.
  • Koumbiadis, N., Swensen, B., & Nguyen, L.D. (2014). The road to curriculum change as a result of the mandated AICPA requirement. International Journal of Business and Applied Sciences, 3(1), 26-47.
  • Nguyen, L.D., Mujtaba, B. G., & Pham, L.N.T. (2013). Cross culture management: An examination on task, relationship and stress orientations of Japanese and Vietnamese. International Journal of Strategic Change Management, 5(1), 72-92.
  • Nguyen, L.D., Lee, K-H, Mujtaba, B. G., & Silanont, S. (2014). Business ethics perceptions of working adults: A study based on gender, age, management experience, and ethics training in Thailand. International Journal of Asian Business and Information Management. Forthcoming.
  • Tay, S., Chan, P., & Nguyen, L.D. (2013). Strategic green management and competitive advantage. Review of Business Research, 13(4), 173-180.
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  • Nguyen, L.D., & Mujtaba, B. G. (2013). Entrepreneurship progress and developments in Vietnam: An Interview with the Bureau Chief, Director General of the Ho Chi Minh City Ministerial Office of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, 18(2), 116-122.
  • Mujtaba, B. G., Javed, M., & Nguyen, L.D. (2013). Management skills of Pakistanis: A comparison of technical, human and conceptual differences. Advances in Management and Applied Economics, 3(3), 129-139.
  • Nguyen, L.D., Boehmer, T., & Mujtaba, B. G. (2012). Leadership and stress orientations of Germans: An examination based on gender, age, and government work experience. Public Organization Review, 12(4), 401-420.