Dr. Joan Benek-Rivera

Dr. Joan Benek-Rivera

Joan Benek-Rivera Assistant Dean, College of Business
Sutliff 372 | 570-389-4813 | Email

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  • College of Business Webpage - find information on majors, minors, concentrations, as well as links to graduate study programs available.

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Representative Research:

  • Kass, D. S., Benek-Rivera, J., & Smith, R. (2010). Lessons from the Edge: Developing Leaders at 5,267 Feet. Journal of the Academy of Business Education.
  • Kleiman, L. S. & Benek-Rivera, J. (2010). A Four-Step Model for Teaching Selection Interviewing Skills. Business Communication Quarterly, 73 (3), 291-305.
  • Kleiman, L., Kass, D., Wackerfuss, A., & Benek-Rivera, J. (2007). Fighting Back: Legal Options for Same-Sex Harassment Victims. Journal of Individual Employment Rights, 12 (4), 303-312.