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Communication Review Quarterly

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Michael Martin

Michael Martin, Ph.D. assistant professor of English, recently presented at the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, and Gender (OSCLG) Conference in San Francisco. His paper was a joint presentation with Melissa Galán, a senior in communication studies, titled “Creando identidad y familia — One Text at a Time”. The presentation, which included a professional-grade video of the two presenters, considered how a group of text messages between the two authors have created a new understanding of identity and a sense of family that crosses gender, generation and culture.

A. Blair Staley

A. Blair Staley, DBA, CPA, professor of accounting, and his colleague Nace R. Magner, Western Kentucky University, published a refereed journal article, "Roles of Instrumental and Noninstrumental Voice in Members' Reactions Toward Interorganizational Committees" in International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior, 3 (17), 311-334. The International Journal of Organization Theory and Behavior brings together researchers and practitioners, both within and outside the United States, who are in the areas of organization theory, management, development, and behavior.