Educational Studies and Secondary Education (B.S.Ed.)

Educational Studies and Secondary Education (B.S.Ed.)

Educational Studies & Secondary Education BU's Educational Studies and Secondary Education's undergraduate program includes teacher education, educational studies, educational technology, student teacher supervision (Pre-K – 12) and secondary education.

All programs are accredited.

Facilities are modern and up-to-date technologies are available including courses in educational computing. A state-of-the-art computer laboratory enables students to maintain familiarity with cutting-edge advances in computer technology.

Students are required to spend time observing and assisting in actual classroom settings through courses offered in the sophomore and junior years.

These courses prepare students for the actual student teaching experience. Students may select an internship which provides a work-study program in an education-related setting.

The secondary education major leads to a bachelor's in education (B.S.Ed.) and certification to teach grades 7 through 12.

Required Courses

Some courses, which satisfy BU’s general education requirement, are included in the course listings for the individual areas of specialization under secondary education.

Requirements for the secondary education (7-12) major include 35 semester hours in required core courses, plus courses specified for various specializations. Students should consult their advisor to plan a course of study.

    EDFOUND-204 Educational Computing & Technology or EDFOUND-350 Instructional Design Systems or EDFOUND-351 Virtual Learning Communities
    EDFOUND-206 Teachers, Schools, & Society
    EDFOUND-251 Psych. Foundations of Education
    EDFOUND-291 Principles of Teaching
    EDFOUND-311 Classroom Measurement & Assessment
    EDFOUND-406 Multicultural Education
    EDFOUND-427 Classroom Management & Effective Discipline
    EDFOUND-497/498 Student Teaching: First and Second Experiences

Students are required to take a secondary methods course corresponding to their major from the following:

    SECED-351 Teaching Communication in the Secondary School
    SECED-452 Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School
    SECED-453 Teaching Science in the Secondary School
    SECED-355 Teaching Social Studies in the Secondary School
    LANGCULT-350 Foreign Language Methodology