Department of Economics

Department of Economics

Department of Economics

Why major in economics?

It's a great opportunity to study in a discipline that not only is connected to an active job market, but also provides students with the analytical skills that apply to real-world situations.

Department Chairperson
  Mehdi Haririan | 570-389-4682

Department of Economics

220 Sutliff Hall
Office: 570-389-4335
Fax: 570-389-4338

Bloomsburg University's Department of Economics offers students three tracks — Economics, Business Economics, and Political Economics — to master principles of economics, develop analytical skills and interpret economic phenomena.

The diverse curriculum is taught by faculty members holding doctorate degrees from various prestigious institutions who are active in diverse research areas and committed to providing attention to individual student's needs and preparing them for careers in banking, government agencies and finance, as well as for further study and research in graduate schools.

A program with meaning

The Economics Department in the College of Liberal Arts adheres to the mission of Bloomsburg University — a co-educational institution, serving students of diverse backgrounds from Pennsylvania, its surrounding states, and foreign countries.

Specifically, the economics department has the following missions:

  • Educate economics majors
  • Educate economics minors
  • Service to other departments within the College of Liberal Arts and to other colleges within the university
  • Broaden the international orientation of the economics programs within the department
  • Service to the community