Frank Misiti, professor emeritus of education

Frank Misiti, professor emeritus of education

The contributions of Frank Misiti, Ph.D., cover a period of 38 years of service to the educational community, to local, regional, and national education agencies, and the teaching profession. Misiti’s experience shows that throughout his career, he has excelled at effective teaching, scholarship, and service.

As a highly effective teacher, Misiti has made an impact on several generations of pre-teacher candidates in his courses. His classes had always been among the first to be filled, usually to capacity. He was awarded the Outstanding Teaching Award from the Pennsylvania State University College of Education Alumni Society for demonstrating excellence in the use of teaching methodologies, knowledge of subject matter, and ability to inspire students. He was invited by student athletes as a faculty guest to the Bloomsburg University Scholar-Athlete Banquet each year for over 15 years. He earned Honorable Mention in the Fourth Annual National Competition for Creative Ideas in Science Education sponsored by Science Activities. He won the Apples Award presented by the Bloomsburg University Chapter of Student PSEA (Pennsylvania State Education Association) for active participation promoting leadership through educational service.

At the same time, Misiti was a highly productive scholar and leader in the profession. As an example, early in his career, Misiti developed an attitude research instrument that continues to be used to assess middle-school-aged student attitudes towards science. He published many articles in various journals of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), among others. The NSTA is the largest and most respected science teacher association in the world. He has reviewed numerous science text books and has served as a consultant for several science studies. Additionally, his many conference presentations and publications, particularly with the NSTA, gave considerable publicity for Bloomsburg University on a national level.

Misiti has always believed that theory, research, and practice all are on a continuum; they all are part of a whole. His research informed his practice, and indeed his practice informed his research. His teaching followed his research and his practice, so that students learned from a master who “practiced what he preached.”

Misiti’s service, like his teaching and scholarship, was also distinguished. Although possible to list his many service contributions to the Department, the College, and the University, it is impossible to list the immeasurable impact he has made on each of the entities. He was devoted to his students, and did everything in his power to be certain they received the best education possible. This commitment led to his devotion to the many committees on which he served throughout his tenure in education. This commitment occurred within his hometown and community, at all levels within the University, and through his active participation in numerous state and national science boards and committees.