Study Abroad in Aarhus, Denmark!

Study Abroad in Aarhus, Denmark!

Study Abroad in Aarhus, Denmark! “The City of Smiles”

The University of Aarhus offers over 1,000 courses taught in English in 67 different majors and is located in a beautiful city with a rich cultural life.

The City of Aarhus

Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark with a population of 315,000. It is the main port city of Denmark and is located on the east side of the peninsula of Jutland in the geographical center of the country. Aarhus is first mentioned in chronicles in 948 and archaeological findings date back some 1,300 years to Viking times, making Aarhus the oldest big city in Scandinavia. Today, Aarhus is a major educational center. With its many cafés and restaurants as well as discothèques, cinemas, museums, amusement parks, and various other entertainment venues, such as its numerous festivals and concerts, Aarhus is well known for its vibrant cultural life.


• Study in Aarhus costs just about the same as studying in Bloomsburg.
• Students pay tuition and fees at Bloomsburg University, the same as if they were taking classes in Bloomsburg.
• Financial aid and grants apply to study in Aarhus as they would at Bloomsburg.
• SCHOLARSHIPS are available for students who study abroad on exchange programs from a variety of sources.
• Students pay minor fees to cover health insurance, incidental program costs, and the student identification.
• Student IDs not only allow access to university facilities, such as the library, but are also good for student discounts.
• Room and board varies. Housing generally is between $400 and $500 per month for a room in student housing (all single bedrooms in apartment-like suites). The rooms are very clean and accommodating.
• Although there is no meal plan as we know it, the university dining halls offer a wide variety of midday meals at a low price. Otherwise, students generally prepare their own meals at home or eat out.


• Students are responsible for their own travel. Travel costs can vary.
• A round-trip ticket to Aarhus from Newark International Airport is currently around $800-$900.
• Students can often find student discounts for airfare. See the General Information and Handy Links page.
• Our students enjoy greeting and orientation by mentors/tutors who help BU students adjust to the university and the city, and who help get BU students registered and settled in.


• Students must be full-time students and take 12 to 18 credits.
• Credits transfer as per advisement with the program director.


• BU students study for one or two semesters in Aarhus.
• Students can take classes in most subject areas offered at Bloomsburg University.
• We strongly encourage students to study abroad for two semesters, especially if international activity will be part of future career plans or if a student is planning to apply to graduate school.
• The fall semester begins at the beginning of September and ends in December; the spring semester begins at the end of January and ends in June.


To be eligible for the program, students must be enrolled full time at Bloomsburg University or at a University in the PA State System of Higher Education and be in good academic standing.

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