Exit and Reflection Summary

Exit and Reflection Summary

Exit and Reflection Summary
  • Fill out exit and reflection summary "worksheet"
  • Save worksheet and email to stgarlss@bloomu.edu
  • Schedule an exit meeting 570-389-4734

As per the sanctions outlined in your probation letter, you are required to submit an exit and reflection summary to formally release you from probation that is due to the office no earlier than fifteen days prior to the release date found in your letter.

The Dean of Students office must be in receipt of this document to officially remove you from probation. Please submit your summary via the form/worksheet below.

In your summary, you will be expected to include the progress of your disciplinary sanctions. In addition, you will need to describe any community service you were involved in as well as outline the process through which probation had an affect on you. Once you are satisfied with your responses and have completed your summary, you may email your form/worksheet.

After you have finished the release document, please call the office 570-389-4734 to set up an exit appointment if you have not done so already.

We hope that your disciplinary period has had a positive impact on you and that you have grown to make better informed decisions and choices throughout your college career.

Good luck! Be smart and be safe at BU!

Exit and Reflection Summary Worksheet

(Copy and paste into an email)

Email Address:

Describe the circumstances leading up to your probation status. (Use at least 10 sentences)

What community service did you complete, and what did you learn from or “take away” from your service.

Describe in detail what choices and decisions led to your citation and/or the violation (was it to be social, to experience “college,” etc).

What steps can you take or what is your plan to avoid this situation in the future?

List clubs, activities, organizations, or other ways you can get involved on campus (list at least 5):

Email response to stgarlss@bloomu.edu.