DAWN Programs

DAWN Programs

Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs

  • DUI and U — Discussion and demonstration activities of the law and alcohol's impact on driving performance
  • Friend to Friend: How to Help Someone with an Alcohol or Drug Problem — Identifies warning signals associated witha drinking or drug problem and strategies involved in confronting someone
  • Imagine That: Myths, Fallacies and Facts — Gives strategies for communication about drugs and related issues as well as identifying high-risk factors and behaviors
  • Women and Alcohol — Provides information for females about the effects of alcohol on their bodies
  • Men and Alcohol — Provides information for males about the effects of alcohol on their bodies
  • Over-the-Counter Drugs — Discussion of over-the-counter drugs and abuse
  • Sex Under the Influence: The Alcohol and Sexuality Content— Small Lecture and discussion, including how to use a condom
  • The Amazing History of Tobacco — Discussion of tobacco's history and trends in smoking and chewing in the United States
  • Cost of a good night obstacle course — Test your ability to maneuver through this fun and educational obstacle course. It follows you from the beginning of your night right through the many consequences that can result from a night of drinking. (About 20 people)
  • Alcohol and You — A basic educational program that teaches you how to calculate your BAC, drink responsibly, and handle the challenges of helping someone with a drinking problem. We can also provide safety tips on how to handle alcohol poisoning and other alcohol related injuries. (Large Group)
  • Haze Program — A 36 minute video about a real life hazing situation. After the movie, we break into small groups for discussion about what binge drinking is, and how it can affect our lives and the decisions we make. (Large Group)
  • Mocktails — Enjoy the company of your peers in a safe educational environment that simulates the “party scene.” Mocktails are fun non-alcoholic beverages, with many different selections. Supplies must be purchased by the group putting on the program. (Large Group)
  • Root beer pong — Creates a fun and safe educational experience in a tournament style root beer pong game. Questions will be asked after each round to the winning team to test their knowledge of alcohol and its effects on the body. (8-10 people)

Sexual Health

  • Contraception: Your Decision — Discusses the issues surrounding different methods of contraception
  • Contraception Roulette — Why some students take the risk of not using birth control
  • Love Can Be Infection — Learn to communicate with a partner about sexual health issues with video scenarios and role-play
  • For Men Only — Discussion on various men's health issues such as testicular self-exam and contraception
  • For Women Only — Discussion on various women's health issues such as self-breast exams, pelvic exams, HPV, and contraception
  • Speed Dating — Infection Game Activity to demonstrate the spread of STD's
  • Smush Roulette — Spin the wheel and take your chance. This program explains ways to avoid STDs and unplanned pregnancy while “gambling” in the bedroom. (About 20 people)


  • Positively Stressed — Interactive workshop to help students identify stressors and learn coping methods
  • Jeopardy Game — Fun and educational program that allows you to pick any topic for a group style jeopardy game. (8-10 people)
  • Positively Stressed — An interactive workshop to help you recognize normal stressors and healthy coping mechanisms. (Large Group)