Husky PAWS (Peer Awareness with Students)

Husky PAWS (Peer Awareness with Students)

Husky PAWS, a division of the Drug, Alcohol, and Wellness Network, consists of student peer educators trained to provide programs promoting low risk, healthy alternate choices regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Further, PAWS seeks to promote the concept of holistic health and a lifestyle conducive to wellness through education.

PAWS Objectives

Educational programs are aimed to develop well adjusted, healthy human beings and should strive to make an acceptable change in the behavior of an individual.

This change may be in knowledge, understanding, attitudes, and values or in skills.

To accomplish this, PAWS education programs must seeks to do more than impart traditional factual information in the routine manner of instruction. Education must refrain from presenting facts, which are never used by the student.
Education needs to have the student be an active participant in a process that involves thinking and value judging rather than memorizing, in this way change may be possible.

PAWS Leaders

  • Michele Kurtz – Graduate Assistant and Husky PAW Director
  • Amanda Whitehead – Greek Life Relations
  • Mike Regan – Support Group
  • Carson Merine – Twitter and Social Media
  • Robert Lee - Social Media and Video Challenge Race
  • Jessica Lilly – Information Tables and Outreach
  • Cassondra – Volunteers Management and Outreach
  • Noble Keyser – Marketing
  • Sam Hague – International Relations and Multimedia
  • Aliya Roland – Multimedia productions
  • Samantha Sharo – Multimedia productions
  • Hannah Reifer – Greek Life
  • Leah Duffy – Education
  • Evan LaCon – Greek Life