Application - Research and Scholarship Day - Poster Session

Important Information

We DO NOT PROVIDE BACKING for each poster.  Student MUST have their poster backed by something solid and MUST provide clips, tape, etc. for their poster to be attached to the backing.  We ONLY provide easels.

An electronic version of your poster is due to the Dean’s Office 24 hours in advance of the display.  

Presenters should be appropriately attired in business casual.

Do you have multiple presenters?

If so, only one member of the presentation team should fill out the application below!

Last day to submit applications is April 17


  • List up to six KEYWORDS regarding your research
  • One should indicate the topic area and one should indicate the methodology of the paper.  Think about the words/phrases that will lead people to your research.  The remaining keywords should reflect the specificity of the paper.  Use the most common term for a concept/theory and do not make up new terms for an old concept.  If the research takes place in a particular country or is concerned with a particular area of industry then think about supplying the country’s name or the industry as a keyword.