M.Ed. in Counseling, College Student Affairs Curriculum

M.Ed. in Counseling, College Student Affairs Curriculum

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania's School Counseling Graduate Program

M.Ed. in Counseling Program

Keywuan Caulk

“The College Student Affairs program is challenging in terms of learning new material but professors make sure everything is applicable to in- and out-of-classroom experiences in student affairs,” — Keywuan Caulk, M.Ed. ’12, Area Coordinator, Rutgers University.

Designed to meet the standards of the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS), the College Student Affairs track blends core courses in counseling with courses specific to preparation in college student affairs practice.

As a key element of the program, students complete 12 credits of supervised Field Experience.  The academic advisement sheet for the program is available here.

Total Credits Required = 45 (15 Core credits + 27 CSA Track credits + 3 elective credits)

Core Coursework – 15 credit hours

COUNSEL 505 Counseling Theories and Techniques

COUNSEL 510 Group Counseling/ Leadership Skills

COUNSEL 515 Consultation, Program and Organization Development

COUNSEL 525 Multicultural Counseling

COUNSEL 590 Research Design and Analysis

College Student Affairs track – 27 credit hours

COUNSEL 501 Professional Helping in College Student Affairs (3)

COUNSEL 560 Student Development Theory (3)

COUNSEL 564 Foundations and Functions of College Student Affairs(3)

COUNSEL 565 Contemporary Issues in Student Affairs (3)

COUNSEL 592 Assessment and the College Student Experience (3)

COUNSEL 599 Field Experience in College Student Affairs (12)

Elective approved by Program Coordinator (3)

Students should consult with their academic advisor if they are thinking about pursuing the Elementary School Counseling or Secondary School Counseling tracks in addition to the CSA track.  Students who elect to complete more than one track will not earn multiple degrees; you will earn one M.Ed. degree regardless of the number of tracks completed.  Note that electing more than one track will extend the amount of time it takes to complete your degree.