Second Language Goal

Second Language Goal

One of Bloomsburg University’s General Education (MyCore) Goals is the Second Language Goal which requires students to demonstrate basic communication in a second language.

• If you have studied Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish previously and wish to satisfy the Second Language Goal by demonstrating proficiency in one of these languages, you must take the short (20-40 minute) Language Placement Test in order to determine what language course to schedule. While you can take the placement test at any time during the year, it is recommended that you take the placement test as soon as possible.

• To schedule the language placement test, please register through this link:

• Check your BU e-mail address for confirmation of your scheduled test.

• If you have not studied a second language previously, or if you wish to start fresh with a new language, such as Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, or Spanish, please contact Professor C. Donahue,, Department of Languages and Cultures, (570) 389-4714 or Mrs. Anderson,

• Students may also take American Sign Language 1 (ASLTERP 155) to satisfy the Second Language Goal. To enroll in ASLTERP 155, please contact Rachel Kindt, Registrar’s Office, 570-389-5336.


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