Second Language Goal

Second Language Goal

One of Bloomsburg University’s General Education (MyCore) Goals is the Second Language Goal which requires students to demonstrate basic communication in a second language.

If you have studied French, German or Spanish previously and wish to satisfy the Second Language Goal by demonstrating proficiency in one of these languages, you must take the short (20-40 minute) Language Placement Test:

A confirmation with the date, time, and location of your test session will be sent to your BU e-mail address only. If you have any questions or are unable to test during any of the dates and times listed on the registration site, please contact us at or 570-389-2998. Additional test dates are continuously posted on the registration site throughout the year.

For your convenience, the Language Placement registration site includes some dates that correspond with the Accuplacer test dates, so you may take both tests while you are on campus, if you wish.

Students who require accommodations, other than extended time and have documentation, must contact the Office of Accommodative Services for Students with Disabilities ( and alternate arrangements will be made.

a. If your Language Placement Test score indicates that you have a proficiency above the 102 (second semester) level, congratulations! You have satisfied the Second Language Goal. However, even if the test indicates that you have satisfied the Second Language Goal, you are strongly encouraged to schedule the course that the Language Placement Test recommends for you. Proficiency in a second language is an extremely valuable asset for any university graduate. You should strive to maximize your second language potential while you are here, and even to take advantage of the study abroad opportunities that BU offers. To schedule a 203 or 204 level language course, please contact Mrs. Anderson 570-389-4750 or

b. If you place at the 102 competency level, schedule your French, German or Spanish 102 course. When you pass the course, you will have satisfied the Second Language Goal.

c. If you place at the 101 competency level, schedule your French, German or Spanish 101 course.

If you have not studied a second language previously, or if you simply wish to study Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian or Spanish from the first semester (101) level, you are not required to take the Language Placement Test. However, you will be required to complete both the first (101) and the second (102) semesters of your chosen language in order to satisfy the Second Language Goal.

Students may also take American Sign Language 1 (ASLTERP 155) to satisfy the Second Language Goal. To enroll in ASLTERP 155, please contact Rachel Kindt, Registrar’s Office, 570-389-5336.

The second language requirement must be completed by the time you graduate.

* If you have questions regarding the Second Language Goal or need assistance with scheduling a language course, please contact: C. Donahue,, Department of Languages and Cultures, 570-389-4714 or Mrs. Anderson.


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