Chemistry and Biochemistry Alumni Careers

Chemistry and Biochemistry Alumni Careers

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Tyler Behrent BS Biochemistry 2017

Currently attending graduate school @ the University of Pennsylvania

Kristi Brittain BS ACS Nano Chemistry 2017

Junior Development Chemist @ Polymeric Systems Inc.

Daniel Callen BA Chemistry 2017

Currently attending graduate school @ Florida State

Olivia Fry BS ACS Chemistry 2017

Currently attending graduate school @ the University of Delaware

Morgan Lewis BS Biochemistry 2017

Currently working with "Teach For America"

Katherine Mullen BS Biochemistry 2017

Currently a Preventative Search and Rescue Intern @ Yosemite National Park. She then plans on returning to PA and working as an EMT while getting her Ski Patrol certification

Shana Wagner BS ACS Biochemistry 2017

Currently attending the University of Pittsburgh to maintain her Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry

Kelly Barko 2016

Currently working in a neuroscience lab @ the University of Pittsburgh

Megan Burke BS Biochemistry 2016

Laboratory Data Analyst @ Eurofins

Shelby Coleman BS Biochemistry 2016

Currently attending SUNY ESF for her Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry

Frank Rodemer BS ACS Chemistry 2016

Currently attending graduate school at University of North Carolina Wilmington

Eric Thompson BS Nano Chemistry ACS 2016

Currently attending graduate school at John Hopkins University

Amanda Lacerte BS Biochemistry 2015

Analytical Chemist @ Johnson Matthey

Zachary Roden BS Chemistry 2014

Attending PSU for PhD program

Christopher Hitcho BS Chemistry ACS 2014

Field Service Specialist @ Metrohm, USA

Conor Flynn BS Chemistry ACS 2014

Attending Bucknell University

David Scatton BA Chemistry 2013

QC Lab Supervisor @ AEP Industries

Wesley Addison BS Biochemistry 2013

Analyst @ The Janssen Pharmaceutical companies of Johnson and Johnson

Jessica Viscomi BS Biochemistry 2013

Attending Graduate School @ East Carolina University on the Ph.D. track in Biochemistry and Molecular

Hannah Cronk BS Chemistry 2013

Attending Binghamton for Ph.D. in Material Chemistry

Scott Blackburn BS Chemistry ACS 2013

Product Development Chemist, Polymer Chemist

Christopher Houser BS Chemistry ACS 2013

Researcher @ Virginia Tech

Matthew Miele BS Chemistry ACS 2013

Analytical Chemist experienced in metabolomic analyses

Elizabeth Ola BS Chemistry ACS 2013

Research and Development Technician @ FMC Corp

Jennifer (Miller) Peake BS Biochemistry 2012

Works @ Bayer Healthcare as a QC Analyst

Jarid Metz BS Chemistry 2012

Graduate Research Assistant @ Colorado State University

Michael Eyerly BA Chemistry 2011

Lead Chemist @ Autoneum

Laura Kaldon BS Chemistry 2011

Research and Development Tech @ DuPont

Benjamin McFadden BS Chemistry ACS 2011

Research Scientist @ Evonik Oil Additives

Andrew Sibley BS Biochemistry 2010

Developmental Chemist @ Whitford Corp

Deborah Hunsberger BS Biochemistry 2009

Environmental Services Professional

Cody Warhurst BS Biochemistry 2008

Analytical Chemist, Mass Spec, Bioanalytics

Christopher Nase BS Chemistry 2003

Environmental Engineer @ Kleinfelder

Erika Hess BS Chemistry 2002

Experienced Research Scientist w/ Leadership Experience, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Jeffrey Kakaley BS Chemistry ACS 2002

Analytical Developmental Scientist @ YMC America

Kathy Maylath BS Chemistry ACS 2001

Chemist @ PPandL

Crystal Hosler Sec Ed Chemistry 2001

Chemistry Teacher

Jason Swancer BS Chemistry ACS 1993

Chemist at PA Dept. of Agriculture

Richard Grater BS Chemistry 1993

Principal Associate Scientist @ Biogen Idec

Brendan Donegan Sec Ed Chemistry 1991

Science Teacher @ Roxbury High School

Tom Kuntzleman Sec Ed Chemistry 1991

Professor of Chemistry @ Spring Arbor University

Brian Weaver BS Chemistry 1990

Pharmacy Analyst @ Meta Healthcare IT Solutions

James Gamler BS-Biochemistry 2015

James in employed by KP Pharmaceutical Technology in Bloomington, IN

Amanda Pritzlaff BS-Biochemistry 2015

Amanda is attending University of Florida for her PhD

Teresa Grimes BS-Biochemistry 2014

Teresa is employed at FedChem LLC as a junior research chemist

Jocelyn Legere BS-Nano 2015

Jocelyn is attending Indiana University for her PhD

Leonard Oddo BA-Chemistry 2013

Currently in the PharmD program at Wilkes University

Kristie Darrah BS-Biochemistry 2014

Kristie is attending the University of Pittsburgh for her PhD in Bio-organic Chemistry

Brooke Shannon BS-Biochemistry 2014

Brooke is attending Pennsylvania College of Osteopathic Medicine

Thomas Malinski BS-Chemistry 2014

Thomas is attending Texas AandM for his PhD in Organic Chemistry

Richard Heckrote BS-Chemistry 2006

Richard is currently teaching High School Chemistry in Southern Maryland at Westlake High School.

Evan Thursby BS-ACS 2009
Evan obtained his MS at Penn State. He is currently a higher education professional.

Dmitriy Mayorov BS 2009
Postdoctoral research associate at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Shanna (Quinn) Mayorova BS-Biochemistry 2009
Shanna is pursuing a graduate degree at Texas A&M.

Jonathan Shrimp BS-ACS 2009
Ph.D. Cornell University and completed Postdoctoral fellow at National Cancer Institute.

Sarah Leshinski BS-ACS 2008
Sarah is attending graduate school at the University of Vermont.

Kaitlyn (Sanders) Thursby BS 2008
Kaitlyn obtained her MS at Penn State and is a chemistry teacher at Central Columbia. She is an adjunct at BU.

Chase Smith BS Sec. Ed 2008
Chase is currently teaching high school chemistry.

Heather Pursel BS-Biochemistry 2008
Research scientist at Johnson & Johnson.

Colleen Small BS 2008
Staff scientist II at Stone Environmental.

Rachel Harris BS Sec Ed/BS Math 2007
Rachel is currently teaching chemistry at North Schuylkill Area High School. Adjunct at BU.

Michael Giano BS-ACS-Biochemistry 2007
Mike is doing his Post Doc at Johnson & Johnson where he is a senior scientist. Ph.D. received from University of Delaware.

Nicholas Fox BS-ACS 2007
Nick obtained his Ph.D. from Texas A&M. He is now doing a Post Doc at Oxford England in rare disease research with Pfizer.

Kristyn (Roscioli) Johnson BS-ACS 2007
Kristyn is working at Idaho National Lab for Mass Spec on Nuclear.

Adam Detweiler BS-Biochem 2005
Adam has accepted a position as a field service engineer with Perkin Elmer in New Jersey. He will be servicing HPLC, HPLC/MS, and GC/MS instruments.

Beth (Hueholt) Leavens BS-Chemistry 2005
Spring 2011 - Received Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. Currently with Chemicals Professional Houston, TX

Jon Novak BS-Education 2005
Jon is teaching chemistry at Clark County High School in Berryville, VA.

Michael Pennell BS-Biochem 2005
Mike has accepted a position at Lonza. Mike is working on the development of an organic compound library for the chemical company.

Chris DeVore BS-ACS 2005
Chris is working at Corning Inc., in their research and development division, in Corning, N.Y. He is working on fuel cells, flexible displays (LCD), and catalytic converters (ceramic).

Tim Brockman BS 2005
Tim is currently a senior chemist with Integra LifeSciences in Plainsboro NJ.

Josh Spragle BS-ACS 2004
Senior Quality Engineer at B. Braum Medical.

Katie (Hershour) McMahon BS 2004
Katie is working as a Clinical Systems analyst at Shamokin Area Community Hosptial.

Melissa Alvarez BS-Clinical 2003
Melissa is working as a medical technologist for the Miller-Keystone Blood Center.

Nathan Kreischer BS-ACS-Biochemistry 2003
Nathan received his MS in Biological Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. Currently he is the Associate Director- Global Project & Alliance Management (Merk).

Christina Crecca BS-ACS 2003
Chrissy earned her PhD in theoretical chemistry at the University of Florida and is currently a post-doc at Boston University.

Jennifer Schott BS Dec 2002
Jen is employed at Environmental Standards, Inc., as a quality assurance chemist. In that position she provides third party validation of laboratory sample results from environmental testing.

Melinda (Hill) Einsla BS-ACS Dec 2002, PhD - Virginia Tech '06.
Melinda successfully defended her Ph.D. at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in April 2006 and accepted a post-doctoral position at Los Alamos National Labs. She is currently employed as a Senior Scientist at Rohm and Haas.

Amy Prisk BS Clinical Chem 2002
Amy is a research scientist in a bioanalytical group at Sanofi-Aventis. Her work involves analyzing biological samples from clinical trials using LC/MS/MS, method development and validation, and stability protocols.

Joshua Stone BS-ACS 2001
Josh finished a masters degree in chemistry at Bucknell University in 2003 and is now working at the General Electric Global Research Center near Schenectady, NY.

Shiela Gradwell BS-ACS 2001
Shiela has entered the Ph.D. program in chemistry at Virginia Tech.

Steve Bransfield BS-ACS 2000
Operations Research Analyst @ Volpe, The National Transporation Systems Center.

John Tamblin BS-Education 2000
STEM teacher at East Lycoming, STEM adjunct @ BU and also a chemistry teacher at East Lycoming School District.

Jeff Coleman BS '99
Jeff is a graduate student at the University of Arizona doing research on an ABC transport protein.

Crissie Bauer BS-ACS '99
Crissie finished her PhD at the University of Arizona in 2005.  She is currently a post-doc at UCLA and proud author of a review paper: Luminescent metal–organic frameworks in Chem Soc Review (Chem. Soc. Rev., 2009, 38, 1330–1352).

Brad Lewandowski BS-ACS '99
Brad is a graduate student at the University of Hawaii

Monica Reinard BS-ACS '99
Monica is a chemist in process technology for Merck & Co., Inc.

Barry Husowitz BS-ACS '99 Double major in chemistry and math.
Barry earned a MS in Quantum Chemistry from Youngstown State University and a Ph.D. in Theoretical Statistical Mechanics from the University of Arizona. He is currently a post-doc at the University of Massachusetts.

Cathy Carr BSEd '99
Cathy is a chemistry teacher teaching 11th grade chemistry and introductory physics at Hillsborough (NJ) High School.

Jeremy Hetrick BS-ACS '98
Analytical Lab Supervisor, Johnson & Johnson. McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division.

Angela (Gilby) Tobey BS-ACS '98
After graduation from BU, Angie worked for Rohm & Haas where she was a polymer and analytical chemist developing and analyzing new powder polymer coatings.  She is now a stay-at-home mom and active Facebooker.

Karen Jansson BS '97
Applications Chemist & Lab Manager @ CDS Analytical (Greater Philadelphia).

Nancy (Kulikoski) Corrigan BS-ACS '97
Nancy is a chemist and works in analytical support of clinical and pre-clinical drug compounds for DuPont Pharmaceuticals.

Michael Bradshaw BS-ACS '97
Mike is a Research & Development Level II Chemist at the Sherwin-Williams Company in Ohio.

Jonathan Landis BS-ACS '97
Jonathan works as a chemist in San Diego for Argen, the largest dental gold producer in the world.

Michael Galella BS-ACS '97
Mike works as an Assistant Research Scientist in Analytical Research & Development at Bristol-Myers Squibb. The group he works in performs solid state characterization analysis of pharmaceutical crystal systems.

Michael Bacica BS '96
Michael is currently working as an anyaltical chemist at Favrille in San Diego, working on a personal cancer vaccine. Michael earned a MS in chemistry from the University of Houston in 1998.

Robert Kozicki BS-ACS '95
Vice President of Andrew S. McCreath and Son.

Eric Kemp BS-ACS '95
Eric works as an analytical chemist in analytical method development at Merck and Company, Inc. He is also finishing a master's degree at Lehigh University.

William Harris BS-ACS '95; JD '99 Duschene U
Bill is a native of Lehigh Valley, a member of the Board of Directors of the Lehigh County Bar Association and a member of the Northhampton County and Pennsylvania Bar Associations. Harris' practice focuses on all aspects of commercial litigation, real estate and business law. Harris is a former clerk to the Honorable William F. Moran of the Court of Common Pleas of Northampton County. (Taken from the Davison & McCarthy professional corporation announcement.)

Scott Griffith, DMD BS '94
Scott is a dentist in private practice.

Paul Verdino BS '94
Paul is a Senior Forensic Scientist with the New Jersey State Police in the Toxicology Division. Obtained MS in Forensic Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan.

Georgeann Zitkus BA '93
Georgeann works for Air Products and Chemicals where she is a Principal Technology Analyst/Business Intelligence.

Susan Dallabrida BA '93
Susan Dallabrida graduated cum laude from B.U. in 1993 with dual majors; a BA in Chemistry and a BS in Biology.  After graduation, she went to Penn State where she earned a PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry.  Susan completed post-doctoral studies at the Children’s Hospital Boston/Harvard Medical School and is currently a faculty member there.  Most recently, she was awarded the Harvard Catalyst Pilot Award from the Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center at Harvard, a very prestigious accomplishment. She is Vice President of eCOA Clinical Science & Consulting at ERT.

Carl Edwards BS-ACS '91
Carl is a head technician in the quality control lab at Sunoco Refining and Marketing, Inc. where he tests petroleum products and waste water.

Philip Behm BS-ACS '91
Phil is a research and development chemist with Air Products and Chemicals

Kerry Dunbar BS-ACS '91
Kerry works for Baxter Healthcare Corporation in California where she supervises the purification of proteins.

Richard Dunbar BS-ACS '91 PhD SUNY at Buffalo
Richard manages the quality control laboratory for three drug delivery technologies at 3M Pharmaceuticals.

Jackie (Sassaman) Miller BS-ACS '91
Jackie earned a Master's degree in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Delaware. She is now the manager of the Technical Operations Services at Accugenix in Newark DE. They do bacterial identification for pharmacology and research groups by comparative DNA sequencing.

Allison Aschman BS-ACS ‘90
Allison earned a PhD in analytical chemistry from Duke (1995); Director, IPA Capital Solutions.

Robert "Marty" Martynowych BS '90
Marty is a forester for the PA Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources.

Edward A'Zary BS '64
Edward A'Zary earned a BS in Chemistry from BU and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario. After a full career of teaching and working in private industry, his last position was Director of Forensic Toxicology at Quest Diagnostics, Inc. After retiring, Dr. A'Zary has "returned home" and is teaching chemistry courses part-time at BU.