Workforce and Education Development Network

Workforce and Education Development Network

WEDnet PA Training ... Free ...GUARANTEED.
These are words seldom, if ever, seen together.

However, these three words blend together beautifully in workforce training opportunities offered under Pennsylvania's own guaranteed free training program. It's called WEDnetPA (Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania)

Administered through the Educational Resources Group of Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education, WEDnetPA's mission is to "strengthen the business environment of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by providing a training network that is responsive to employers' workforce development needs." Bloomsburg University is one of the certified partners involved in the administration of this state-wide training initiative.

Through WEDnetPA, eligible manufacturing firms and technology-based businesses within the Commonwealth can apply for grant funds in support of employee training in either of two content areas: Basic Skills Training (BST) and Information Technology Training (ITT). Basic skills encompasses such topics as teamwork, communication, computer literacy, business operations, applied mathematics and measurement, problem solving, workplace behavior, quality assurance, blueprint reading, welding, tooling, machine maintenance, etc. Information Technology covers e-commerce, information security, data base development, software engineering, computer programming, web design and development, network administration, systems analysis, CAD, CAM, CNC, PLC, etc. With justification, other training topics may also qualify for WEDnetPA funding.

For specifics on eligibility guidelines and other features of the WEDnetPA training network, visit WEDnetPA's Workplace Learning Resource Center at You may also phone us here at Bloomsburg University's Corporate and Continuing Education Division at 570-389-5161, or email its director Tom Fletcher. We'd be delighted to fill you in on all the details and answer any questions you have.

If this opportunity interests you, we encourage you to contact us so we can explore your training needs and prepare a WEDnetPA grant application for submission during the next funding cycle.

With WEDnetPA, everyone's a winner: the company, the employee and the Commonwealth!