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Minor in Computer Science (Web Development) (COMPSCI)

Department of Mathematical and Digital Sciences

Effective Fall 2008

This program requires 18 semester hours of credit.


COMPSCI.212 Web Programming

INSTECH.470 Introduction to Web Site Development

Choose one introductory course from the following:

COMPSCI.110 Introduction to Computer Science

COMPSCI.116 Algorithmic Processes for Computers

COMPSCI.121 Object-Oriented Programming with Java

COMPSCI.123 Visual Basic 1

Choose one Digital Media course from the following:

COMPSCI.213 Elementary Topics in Computer Graphics and Multimedia

INSTECH.460 Multimedia Productions

Choose two courses from the following:

COMPSCI.357 Principles of Database Design

COMPSCI.476 Introduction to Computer Networks

INSTECH.472 Authoring for Cross Platforms

INSTECH.474 Authoring for Networks