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Art Studio (B.A.)

Administered by the Department of Art and Art History

Effective Fall 2014

Students must fulfill the requirements for the major, the general education courses and whatever free elective credits remain to bring the number of semester hours to 120. Attention transfer students: of the thirteen courses needed for the major, at least seven must be taken at Bloomsburg. All art courses at Bloomsburg are three semester hours unless indicated otherwise.

Requirements for Art Studio - A total of 39 semester hours is required for a major in art studio. Required courses include:

Foundations Courses (9 credits)

ARTSTDIO.111 Introductory Drawing

ARTSTDIO.151 Three-Dimensional Design

ARTSTDIO.152 Two-Dimensional Design

Required interdisciplinary work (18 credits)

ARTSTDIO.231 Introductory Painting

ARTSTDIO.241 Introductory Sculpture

ARTSTDIO.281 Introductory Photography

ARTSTDIO.291 Introductory Digital Art

ARTSTDIO.221 Fabric Design: Dye or ARTSTDIO.222 Fabric Design: Surface or ARTSTDIO.223 Fabric Design: Fiber Art

ARTSTDIO.263 Printmaking: Lithography and Relief or ARTSTDIO.264 Printmaking: Silkscreen or ARTSTDIO.265 Printmaking: Intaglio

Portfolio reviews will take place during the sophomore, junior and senior years. Portfolios will be assessed for increasing competency and sophistication as the student advances in the program.

Concentration (6 credits):

Develop expertise in one area through additional coursework


ARTSTDIO.212 Inter Drawing

ARTSTDIO.313 Adv Drawing


ARTSTDIO.232 Inter Painting

ARTSTDIO.333 Advanced Painting


ARTSTDIO.223 Fabric Design/Fabric Art

ARTSTDIO.323 Adv Fabric Design


ARTSTDIO.263 Printmaking: Lithography or

ARTSTDIO.264 Printmaking: Silkscreen or

ARTSTDIO.265 Printmaking: Intaglio


ARTSTDIO.363 Adv Printmaking


ARTSTDIO.282 Inter Photography

ARTSTDIO.383 Adv Photography


ARTSTDIO.242 Inter Sculpture

ARTSTDIO.343 Adv Sculpture


ARTSTDIO.293 Graphic Print Design

ARTSTDIO.394 Adv Graphic Print


ARTSTDIO.294 Graphic Web Design

ARTSTDIO.397 Adv Graphic Web/Inter Des

*Advanced Print or Web Design requires admittance by portfolio review.

Art History Requirements (6 credits):

Two ARTHSTRY prefix courses 200 level or above

History of Graphic Design (ARTHSTRY.370) required for Graphic Design Concentrations (Print or Web)

General Education and Free Electives:

Remaining credits for General Education and Free Electives for a total of 120 credits.