Campus Profile

Campus Profile

As the university on the hill, BU overlooks the Town of Bloomsburg and is situated a few hundred yards from the community's business district with Bloomsburg Hospital across the street from a cluster of residence halls.

Lower campus is home to seven residence halls, a student services center, campus dining, instructional buildings, library and recreational and social facilities.

Upper campus, about half-mile away, is connected by continuous shuttle service and features athletic facilities, three university-owned student apartment complexes, a dining and conference facilty, and several maintenance buildings.

Upper campus is also home to Huskies athletics, surrounded by the Nelson Field House, Redman Stadium and fields for soccer, lacrosse and field hockey, baseball and softball and a new tennis center.

Residence halls

Residence halls Clustered together on the south end of campus overlooking Bloomsburg, halls:

  • are walking distance from shopping, several banks and locally owned restaurants
  • are co-ed with 24-hour front desk security
  • have rooms protected by sprinklers and hard-wired smoke detectors
  • have rooms include ethernet connections to BU's computer network, telephone and cable television
  • feature laundry, kitchen facilities, student lounges and study areas
  • are located near the busy student union, four campus dining facilities including the primary food service outlet, bookstore
    and student services building

A professionally staffed health center is located in the union, and a full-time police department is headquartered in the bookstore building.