Bloomsburg’s Brand Essence

Bloomsburg’s Brand Essence

Bloomsburg’s Brand Essence

Brand Essence

“To teach the youth the elements of a classical education.” Bloomsburg University meets the needs of an ever-changing society, employment trends and an increased emphasis on globalization with innovative programs of study, expanded classroom and co-curricular opportunities and an atmosphere of respect for all."

Bloomsburg University’s brand identity/personality is the character of our brand defined in active terms. These attributes are essential aspects of BU’s identity and guide the tone/voice of BU’s communications. Brand attributes communicate the ways in which we achieve what we promise.

Brand Identity

BU's personality:

  • Inquisitive
  • Confident
  • Affordable
  • Approachable
  • Student-focused
  • Proud
  • Traditional
  • Hard-working

Brand Attributes

BU's branding supporting statements:

  • BU is focused on development of the whole student
  • Strong commitment to access
  • Commitment to career preparation and providing students with relevant, real-life work and mentoring experiences
  • Personalized and caring learning environment
  • Emphasis on teaching and learning
  • Integration of co-curricular and collaborative learning experiences in and out of the classroom
  • Quality education at an affordable price
  • Opportunity for undergraduate research with faculty mentors

Positioning Statement

Bloomsburg University students and faculty produce positive change through scholarly research and an increased emphasis on co-curricular learning experiences and civic engagement and responsibility.