The Media: How it impacts you?

The Media: How it impacts you?

This film by Dove, “Evolution,” shows the cause for why billions of people have a distorted image of how they perceive themselves.

In the latest research found by The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, only four percent of the women worldwide perceived themselves as beautiful. This alarming percentage creates concern for a growing pandemic of women with body image dissatisfaction. The Dove campaign was launched in 2004 to globally reach this population, expose the media’s negative impact, improve self esteem, and create a new definition of beauty. Christina Valero Media’s negative advertisements are displayed in a multitude of routes (television, movies, internet, social networks, magazines, billboards, etc.) that target women and men with the idea that our value is based solely on appearance. What we typically do not see is the manipulation of these images from air brushing and photo shopping that create a goddess-like image that women and men aspire to be. The fact is no one can be like the images because they are not real. This false sense of hope creates feelings of body image dissatisfaction in women and men which is linked to decreased self-esteem levels.

This has made me think that the beauty industry spends an extraordinary amount of money in trying to make women and men feel better about themselves with make-up, hair dyes and styling tools, etc. when in all actuality the beauty industry is only hurting our perceptions of ourselves. It is necessary for individuals to become critical of the messages that media portrays in order to regain our world’s perception of themselves as beautiful and love their qualities and body as they are.

How has the media impacted the way you view yourself?

    — Christina B. Valero is a senior completing her nursing degree. She has developed educational materials the focus on body image and self-esteem for the BU Women’s Resource Center.

Resource: To get involved in Dove’s Self-Esteem Movement and receive tips and advice on self-esteem from Dove experts and role models, visit Reference: Piper, T. (2006, Oct. 6). Dove evolution [Video file]. Surprising self-esteem statistics. (2012). Dove campaign for real beauty.