An inside look at Bloomsburg: The University Magazine

An inside look at Bloomsburg: The University Magazine

Spring 2011 One of the latest opportunities of my academic internship was participating in a recent Bloomsburg: The University Magazine meeting, which ended up being a great experience.

Initially, my thoughts of the meeting were a huge canvas with pictures and something like a story board to explain the magazine. I imagined really detailed notes on fancy post-it with terms that I couldn't understand.

Surprisingly, the meeting was the total opposite.

Nick Mathis The representative from the printing company actually had 8x10 sheets of paper with the draft of the magazine on them to let magazine co-editors Bonnie Martin, Eric Foster and I see their ideas mixed in with ours.

He went through each page of the magazine and explained the reason behind the different types of layouts and designs for the stories in the magazine.

I learned the portraits of the people featured in the magazine always have to be the same size on that certain page to accommodate the person featured in the story and the eyes of the reader.

I also learned it is very important to make sure everything in the magazine updates it readers (alumni, parents and donors) on the improvements and accomplishments of the university and students to showcase the progress of the university.

Nick Mathis

    Hometown: Philadelphia
    Major: Mass Communications/PR
    Future: A career in fashion
    iPod Rotation: Kayne West/Jay-Z

The terms that he used were very easy to understand and taught me a few things about magazine editing and designing. Towards the end of the meeting he saved the cover for last.

He pulled out three ideas for the cover that exemplified the reconstruction of the new college of business department. He gave us those options to select from because of the new direction the magazine is going for the overall look.

After the meeting the staff of the communications office and I took the time to proofread the articles to make sure there were no grammatical errors to maintain the quality of the magazine.

My overall observation of this meeting showed me that a lot of thought and strategic planning goes into creating and publicizing the BU magazine. Quality over quantity is what the university values and strives to incorporate that in everything they produce.