Taking my first step into the PR world

Taking my first step into the PR world

TRiO Upward Bound A PR campaign is promoting an event or activity to the public through social media, press releases, and media pitches.

This PR campaign — my main assignment for my academic internship — is important for our marketing and communications office this summer, because it shines light on all of the academic programs BU has to offer to get students ready for college.

Nick Mathis To prepare for this campaign I had to sit down with Kate Bauman Director of TRiO Upward Bound. In our conversation we discussed the things the program was doing this summer and how she wanted the program to be promoted.

Her main focus was to show how the program was preparing students for the college environment and academics through the many resources on campus.

Nick Mathis

    Hometown: Philadelphia
    Major: Mass Communications/PR
    Future: A career in fashion
    iPod Rotation: Akon

We also talked about promoting the planned activities in the program that could shine light on the students many accomplishments. So far I have written three press releases, taken photos of their activities and got them radio coverage on WHLM radio station in Bloomsburg.

Not to mention the many articles in the Press Enterprise. It felt great to know that my press releases got picked up. That was the main goal.

I’ve learned that’s what counts as an effective PR campaign is getting recognized and creating a buzz. I approached these assignments with the determination to get the story out there.

I wanted to make sure that the substantial part of the program was being shared with the public and that I created awareness of the many opportunities BU has to offer to local resident students.