Bringing a taste of Hispanic culture to Bloomsburg

Bringing a taste of Hispanic culture to Bloomsburg

Elisabet Maldonado

Elisabet Torres Maldonado

    Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Class: Freshman, Class of 2015
    Major: Speech-Language Pathology
    Future: Speech-Language Pathologist

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Since I have been in Bloomsburg, I've met a lot of students from different cultures as well students who have a similar culture of mine.

I have spent great time with students from Vietnam, Africa, Bangladesh, Japan and so many countries in some university activities, such as volunteer work as well as off campus activities like going to get dinner or hanging out together.

Last weekend we celebrated Halloween and helped by working in a haunted house. We really enjoyed it!

Knowing those international students has helped me understand different point of view and have motivated me to follow my dreams, you just has to see how hard they work for their education!

Most of them are here alone without their parents or any family member, and for me it is very admirable. Seriously, the fact of knowing people around the world makes me feel so lucky, and I am really learning a lot.

Also I try to get involved with Americans as much as I can, because I had to adapt myself to their culture and to this country. I had share with American students, specially with my roommates, they are so nice with me are very compressive with me and are helping me with my English. And of course are learning to eat some Puerto Rican food!

Regarding my professors, they had been very nice and compressively with me. They have given me tips for a better succeed in classroom. Also they love to ask about my Puerto Rico, and they really are demonstrating interest in my culture.

My Hispanic friends are making me feel like in home. Sharing with them has help me to never feel alone here and to maintain my culture. We often meet on weekends to cook some Hispanic food, play pit, and of course to dance some Bachata or Merengue.

I also enjoy a group for those who speak Spanish (either if is their native language or if they are just learning) name HABLAS (Heightening Awareness by learning about Spanish) … yes I know I came here to learn English, but my language is Spanish and I will like to help those students who are interest in learning it.

Time has run very fast! It’s November, and the semester will finish soon. I really have spent a great time here, and you know what? I will stay here for next semester and probably I will finish my college here. Choosing Bloomsburg University to do my exchange has been the best thing that I had made in my life.

Take care!