Interpreting Club

Interpreting Club

Interpreting Club Officers

  • President: Audrianna L. Osorio
  • Vice President: Dawn Grabowski
  • Secretary: Melissa Hatfield
  • Treasurer: Evalina G. Heckman
  • Public Relations: Tiann-Chen R. Pae
  • Fundraising: Carly M. Casey and Cassidy K. Sangrey

Interpreting Club Constitution | Biennial Conference

ASL Interpreting Club

BU's Interpreting Club provides support to students who are interpreting majors, as well as other majors providing opportunities to become involved in the deaf community while furthering their education through trips, workshops, special events and interacting.

The club seeks to provide hands-on real-life interpreting workshops and training in a supervised environment, providing and allowing the formation on ongoing networking of professional interpreters and student interpreters. We strive to provide awareness among person who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as the general hearing public.

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